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That makes such a huge difference...the backsplash tiles are a nice update too....what a smart, and I'm hoping cost effective, if not time effective, solution!

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8/24/11 08:49 AM

a note on the vase, Tse Moana, I actually saw one in a specialty store for, lets face it, more than one wants to spend on a vase, in downtown Richmond, VA a few months ago.

Then, for my birthday, my sister bought the same, exact thing for me (i have a few glass model hat forms around, its becoming a theme), and i thought, god, i can't believe you spent that much money on it. Until I actually said that, and she admitted she'd bought the thing at Marshalls for less than $20.00 They have them in white and black, and everyone who comes into my living room says something about it.

I don't know if its a rip off of another design or not, but it looks great, and isn't that what matters?

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11/5/08 03:13 PM