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Is anyone else bothered that these tiny homes cost $89,000 or $618/sf? They seem like fancy garden sheds with a toilet and a sink. Why can't they cost $15-20k even after building foundations and laying sewer lines?

Can Tiny Houses Help Solve the Problem of Homelessness?
2/27/14 09:00 AM

That is good for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, but what about the other stuff people keep in their shower caddy, like a razor, a shower pouf (or sponge), facial cleanser, etc? I don't know anyone who just has shower, conditioner, and shower gel in their shower and nothing else.

One Minute Tip: Brett's See-Through Shower Solution Apartment Therapy Videos
11/13/13 03:28 PM

I don't understand. You had to cook meals ahead of time so you would have food after the baby came? God forbid your husband take on some cooking responsibilities after you go through childbirth. Better to have an 8-months-pregnant woman cook extra food in advance so that conversation doesn't even need to happen.

The Best Decision I've Made So Far Adventures Of A New Parent
6/18/13 01:45 AM

Two tips:

(1) When my partner and I moved in together, we decided to use his furniture in the living room and mine in the bedroom. By dividing up rooms, we avoided having to have conversations about each individual piece (should we keep my coffee table or your coffee table?) and the furniture in each room was already selected to work together.

(2) We have already agreed that when we get married, his ugly stuff (e.g. lava lamp) will go in the HCR (husband containment room). Also, the HCR has to be kid-friendly. He doesn't get to go hide in there and shirk family responsibilities. No man caves in our house!

Moving in Together: Tips for Merging Styles & Keeping the Peace
2/7/13 04:24 PM