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Unfortunatly There are no houses, just flats in my area, but the ones I would love to show are not ok, need to be worked on.
Imagine a small palace and that's the house:P Maybe one they I'll send the picture and you'll see how in Portugal (where I'm from) some people treat some pearls like that just to earn more money (because the zone it is locaded is awsome and want to sell it one day) without taking care of the house and surroundings.

It brakes my heart, trully*

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11/7/08 01:52 PM

I love the wood, it is bright as the nordic one. An it feels like a space where people do live. Quite cozy actually:)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! One Room Forest At Tokyo Design Week
11/6/08 12:47 PM

Love the arquitecture of the house, love the wood, adore the small touches of color and I'm crazy about that green door:P

Coming to your blog it's bad for my heart hahah

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11/6/08 03:44 AM

I did. A purple dress to match the rug:P

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Clothes As Display
11/6/08 03:40 AM

I know the problem too... My mother as some french deco magazines from the 80's! And almost every week there's one more to add the pile.

But I just can't cut them and choose the best parts. I don't know, it's not as the mags had the feelings, but I have! lool

I have a thing with mags and books:) Paper and that's all said;)

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11/6/08 03:38 AM

Picking another comment, waste can beautiful. It depends of the prespective and to me it is quite brilliant:)

I wonder if there's a possibilitie to buy a framw with one of those images.

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11/6/08 03:35 AM

I have to say that I always get a litle bit "angry" when I see deco mags writing something like the solutions for tiny spaces, when in reality those spaces are quite big compared to my litle tiny attic:P

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11/4/08 05:54 PM

Oh my God, how could I not Know this site! I'm in love!:P

You have here a fan:)

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11/4/08 05:34 PM