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First: What a fun take on both thanksgiving and cupcakes! I would happily dig in!

Second: Isn't it kind of sad that commenters on TheKitchn have gotten so intensely persnickety that the author felt the need to defend this quirky concoction right from the get go, anticipating backlash?

I say, bring on more of the weird, funky, mind-melting, palate-discombobulating foods :) You guys rock.

Look! An Entire Thanksgiving Meal in a Cupcake
11/15/11 02:59 PM

Alton Brown's Good Eats episode, "Tamale Never Dies" is a great resource too :)

Celebrate Day of the Dead: Host a Tamale Party
Gourmet Live

10/31/11 02:14 PM

I do this all the time. I use little ones for trail mix, big ones for soup... my favourite is layering rice and stew or curry, then reheating at school. I keep it cool or warm by wrapping in a tea towel before putting it in my bag. Then come lunch, the tea towel is my napkin! Bring your own cutlery and it's a waste free meal :)

Reader Tip: Take Soup to Work in a Glass Canning Jar
10/26/11 01:58 PM

I. Love. These. Posts. Especially as fall hits. Simple, warm, sincere, and somehow not overly schmarmy or saccharine. Keep'em coming :)

Weekend Meditation: An Unexpected Morning at Home
9/26/11 08:32 PM

microwave poached eggs. Pour a teaspoon of vinegar and a pinh of salt into the bottom of the mug, fill said mug 2/3 with cold water, crack in raw egg, and stick it in the zapper for a minute and a half or 3, depending on the doneness you like. Works great every time! I think I even saw it on this site....

10 Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Start Your Day Off Right
9/12/11 02:02 PM

@muddymudskipper I'm no expert, but I was always told that that meant it had gone off.

@ChristineM. Happy to have company in the melt-cheese-to-a-plate-and-eat-it camp :)

A Happy Accident: Cheese and the Microwave
The Cheesemonger

9/8/11 01:36 PM

Sooo, I told some people that sometimes, when I'm in the mood, I melt cheddar to a plate and then just eat it. Plain. With a fork. They think I'm weird... I think it's delicious!

A Happy Accident: Cheese and the Microwave
The Cheesemonger

9/7/11 03:50 PM

Wow. Heated. I feel this discussion would be simpler if everyone just took what they found useful from the list and disregarded what doesn't work for them. You'll be hard pressed to find any "10 Things..." list that works for everyone in its entirety.

10 Tips For Living A Simple Life
New Greener Family

8/7/11 05:44 PM


How To Make a Cushion Cover From a Button-Up Shirt
8/2/11 04:37 PM

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the wall storage for pot lids... simple and brilliant.

10 Things We Learned from Small Cool Kitchens 2011
8/1/11 01:25 PM

I like to neatly make little masking tape "flags" for each end of my cords and label them accordingly. It really helps for when you move or have to change your set-up and all the cords get thrown into a box.

Make It Easier to Identify a Collection of USB Cables
6/27/11 06:28 PM

Put the lunch bag (or room temp portion of lunch, in a bag) on top of your shoes or on the floor by the door. Works great if you don't have dogs, and no way you'll leave without them.

The Best Ways to Remember Your Lunch in the Morning
Twitter Intelligence Report

4/12/11 04:27 PM

Ditto on the reuse. I use an clean widemouth salsa jar with a screw on lid. Works famously.

Modern Salt Cellars
11/19/10 02:19 PM

Ahhh, well that makes sense, especially if you getthem all toasty before hand. Good to know, thanks!

Edible Gift Idea: The Best Chai Tea Mix!
11/19/10 11:26 AM

Thisis brilliant! One question though. If you're only using one table spoon of the mix each time you use it, it's kindof hit or miss with some of the larger spices? Does that make for a fun and varied cup, or is it not a problem in your experience?

Anyhow, LOVE this idea.

Edible Gift Idea: The Best Chai Tea Mix!
11/19/10 11:22 AM

when I moved into my 325sqft basement suite I decided not to hook up cable to my computer monitor (which can do double duty).

It was such a great decision. At my old place, I'd zone out on that thing for hours... which, of course, if what every channel on TV is designed to make you do. When I nixed it, I found I did more of the thinsg that mattered: reading, writing, cooking, visiting with friends and having real coversations. I can't believe I was paying like 30 bucks a month to not have a life before!

AT on ... Going Green By Default
11/17/10 03:29 PM

Sheesh people!

Stone Age Interior Decorating
11/2/10 12:22 PM

I toss frozen fruit, almonds and sunflower seeds into a mason jar, cover it with quick oats and milk and takje it with me to work. A minute and a half in the office microwave and I have fruity, sweet but not too sweet oatmeal, piping hot. Mmm! (I'm working on switching to steel-cut....)

10 Hot Breakfasts for Cold and Busy Mornings
Recipe Roundup

11/1/10 06:18 PM

Yeah the whole Vaseline thing does make me a tad... nervous. I love the idea though, might try it with olive oil.

Shine Up Your Squash and Pumpkins For Pretty Party Decor
11/1/10 03:53 PM

They actually do last forever. I bought Lush's Trichomania coconut shampoo bar and used it for almost a year on my long (past the shoulder) hair.

Shampoo Bars: Good-Looking Hair, No Plastic Bottle
10/26/10 04:40 PM