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I too am baffled by the pumpkin latte. I like the idea, but in reality it tastes like rotten cabbage water to me.

I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and T Joe's pumpkin butter. I think this big new crop of pumpkin products (waffles, cereal, macaroons, cream cheese, ice cream, cheesecake, soda, and on and on and on...) is pumpkin overkill.

The Inescapable (and Mostly Pretty Awful) Pumpkin Spice Trend
10/23/12 08:50 PM

Add the sauce to a tub of plain hummus!

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5/8/12 07:46 PM


What Can I Do With Key Lime Juice?Ingredient Questions
5/1/12 10:32 PM

Those spoons are really gorgeous!

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5/1/12 03:09 PM

I like Wallaby and Trader Joe's.

Blind Taste Testing Greek-Style Yogurt Brands: Which One Wins? New York Magazine
5/1/12 02:28 PM

I've made french toast using crumpets. All of those nooks and crannies soak up the egg and milk mixture splendidly!

Breakfast Recipe: English Muffin French ToastRecipes from The Kitchn
4/26/12 11:39 AM

@Toddless I believe @Marmite is referring to the misspelling.

Black and Blue: My New Favorite Way to Serve Blue Cheese The Cheesemonger
4/18/12 06:30 PM

Last year at the farmers market it suddenly dawned on me that you could eat the leaves (beet greens) from a bunch of beets. It's like buy beets, get beet greens free. Up until that moment I had been yanking off the greens and throwing them in the trash to maximize space in my tote.

Eating It All: From Stalk to Leaves
4/17/12 06:14 PM


Healthy Snacks For a Trip to Vegas?Good Questions
4/12/12 06:25 PM

chocolate pudding
fruit salad

Recipes to Make with 3rd & 4th Graders?Recipe Questions
4/12/12 06:14 PM

How about making cornbread, popovers, savory muffins, biscuits, quiche etc...some sort of cake-like dish that you can place a candle into.

Help Me Find a Celebratory (Yet Not Too Sweet) Treat for a Birthday PartyGood Questions
4/9/12 10:29 PM

@Litnerd People that receive food stamps aren't given unlimited funds, they are given an allotment. Shouldn't they be afforded the dignity to determine how to manage that allotment? I don't understand what's wrong with buying steak and shrimp, in fact I applaud it.

Joel Salatin Takes on 'Foodie Elitism': Why You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Caring Flavor Magazine
4/6/12 08:54 PM

I love the tea tins!

Creative Containers for Displaying Flowers
4/5/12 08:14 PM

I use chia seeds in homemade mueslix. I haven't really embraced flax seeds because I don't want to buy a grinder and I've heard pre-ground ones spoil quickly.

The Pleasures of Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds: Which Do You Eat More Frequently?
4/5/12 06:17 PM

I do most of my shopping at Wholefoods. It's the only store within walking distance and I find it's not that expensive if I stick to sale items and basics. Shaw's is the worst. They're just as expensive if not more so, than Wholefoods and the quality and atmosphere is no good. I do like Trader Joe's but I usually don't have the patience. I might go once a month and plan to go on Tuesdays when it's slow. We have a great co-op here too!

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/4/12 07:05 PM

These look really awesome!

The Ultimate Party Snack: Chili Roasted Peanuts with Coconut
4/3/12 06:32 PM

I don't understand why you would need a label to identify something in a transparent container.

DIY Chalkboard Glass Container Labels Instructables
4/3/12 06:30 PM

Which cheeses would pair well with maple syrup?

Turn Any Cheese Into Dessert: 5 Quick Tips The Cheesemonger
3/28/12 01:07 PM

I like Ghirardelli. They're great on their own or in trail mix!

Baker's Pantry Staple: Semi-Sweet Chocolate ChipsIngredient Spotlight
3/28/12 09:04 AM

I sometimes have a couple prunes and almonds with a small piece of chocolate.

My Weeknight Treat: Oranges & Dates
3/27/12 04:36 PM