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If You don't have a lot of money to decorate room you can just take your time. Don't be hurry with cluttering space with a lot of nice-looking things. Collect things that are exactly in your style. You can always buy another picture or vase to add it to your home. Decoratives really can wait. I can browse internet for weeks untill I'll find on eBay something awesome, that I want. Maybe because I live in teeny-tiny space. There's no lot of place for vases, pictures and lovely bowls.

Frugal Living: How To Save Money and Stretch Your Decorating Dollars
5/3/14 08:56 AM

I just love those hanging plants form curtain rods. Have similar in my home. But small spaces sometimes doesn't mean that you can have only small plants ;)

7 Sweet (& Some Surprising) Spots for Plants in Small Spaces
4/13/14 04:17 PM

I hate cleaning, and that's the reason why I have only two mugs, and four dishes (there were two but sometimes I invite my friends for dinner)
Because I have limited amount of kitchenware I need to clean it after every meal. In other way I'll have no stuff to serve food.

7 Time-Saving Methods for Faster Kitchen Clean Ups Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/4/14 03:09 AM

Nice. There'll be less fraudulent transactions when it will be switch to chip authorisation. Why it took so long? In Poland I don't even remember when last time I used magnetic stripe to make payment. We have also contactless but I don't use it.

U.S. To Switch to Chip & Pin Credit Cards by 2015 Design News
2/8/14 09:53 AM

Looks great, but...
At the first: I don't agree with this that building a loft bed with matress is traditional. None of people in my work or people I know from discussion boards about interiors don't have loft bed and don't even think about having loft bed in small space as asome kind of solution. Most of they wrote me that elevated bed is weird and the construction is dangerous and they rather sleep at the sofa than made such thing in their homes. It doesn't matter that there is a lot of storage place under loft bed that is so needed in small spaces. Loft beds aren't so common and traditional in the place I live.
Second: maybe in most of that place ceilings aren't so high but in this single area where is hanging bed height of this studio is bigger. I mean If there's no stairway to the roof, it didn't works with this bed because there won't be enugh space form the bed to the ceilings.
However it looks, and I suppose works great. It's very nice to look at this place.
I don't like only the terrace on the roof. It looks so messy right now.

Small Space Inspiration: A Loft Bed Suspended In the Air
9/29/13 12:18 PM

I made my hanging planters from Ikea Socker planters. All you need it's just a plant pot and a chain. I drilled three holes in Socker planter and add a chain to it, like on this fourth photo (brass planter).

Buy or DIY: 10 Hanging Planters
9/21/13 03:50 PM

I found a vase which is very similar to this "Laboratory Flower Vase" in Jysk for about $5. Looks great for me. You can see it here:

Dorm Style: A Cheerful Vintage-Style Look for Under $250
8/20/13 04:26 PM

Ekhem... 900 sq feet it's not a small apartment.
I thought that in Small Cool 2013 I will be more intersted teeny-tiny ones, because I lived in such space. But your place is so gorgeous. I love everything here, colours of the walls, and patchwork sofa, everything is amazing. And of course hanging plants and wooden planters on the wall.
Of couse everything look great because of this grey/violet colours. I have similiar colour in my place - maybe it's the reason why I like so much Your apartment.
You have my vote.

Adam's Comfort & Warmth Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 05:23 AM

I love this wood divider. Look so nice and natural.

Jodi's Absolute Favorite Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 04:10 AM

Lovely. I like this rug and plants. They're so big, that if I didn't know that this place is only 350 sq feet I didn't even imagine to have such enourmous plants in such tiny apartment.

Mark's Shanghai Style Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 03:47 AM

Amazing. I like these floral painting.

Juhana's Creative & Colorful Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 02:57 AM

Sure Cairine. But what if You don't have nature outside your window. I live in a studio in flat. Outside my window is... hmmmm... lets guess... another flat. We have some trees there but it is a place with many, high twelve floors flats. The isn't so much nature to listen so I can listen to wind chimes.
I like almost all of these chimes. Especially I like the second, green one. I love green. Also third one, eight and tenth look great.

10 Organic Modern Mobiles & Wind Chimes
5/30/13 02:46 AM

Can't wait to see all those small spaces and enties about them. I wanted to take a part in Small Cooll this year (I live in a tiny studio) but everything here is unfinished... fronts in my storage place, bathroom, even kitchen is not finished at all... nothing cool to show ;)

Small Cool 2013: Here We Go!
5/2/13 03:43 PM

I love it. I have the same poufs in my studio. Almost the same.. mine are more red. They gave my room so oriental character.

Decorative Pouf from Surya High Point Spring Market 2013
4/21/13 05:35 PM

The balcony on first photo is so lovely. I liked it and always when I see something like this I'm sad because I don't have balcony in my place.

The Best of Vertical Gardening: Inspiration, DIY, & Resources
4/18/13 06:21 PM

Maybe you should sell these tables on Ebay (if you don't like them how they looks right now) and then you can buy for you something else?

Ideas For Novice DIY-er with Outdated Tables? Good Questions
4/9/13 04:39 PM

SamanthaD maybe you saw some similar like olants in the window on first photo here:

I remeber that there was a post on AP about solution for having plants on window in city and there were photos about it.

5 Bonuses of Plants in Small Spaces
4/9/13 01:14 PM

I have Ikea cabinets in my kitchen. The kitchen is very small so I bought only 5 cabinets. Because it's all storage place in kitchen that I really need for a couple. In our first apartment I was using this kitche for two years. Then we decided to move to another place in our city. There was a question "what to do with kitchen?" because I knew that kitchen in new apartment is awful and we will need to replace it in some time. So we took our Ikea kitchen from one place to another. I was measuring walls in new place many times to find out how to use these cabinets that we have in a new place. Everything we moved fit well (we left in old place only ona cabinet for built-in stove, because here we have a different type of appliances). And kitchen still looks fine, even after this that it was moved form another home and even though that we didn't hire any company to move and transport our furniture but we did it ourselves using our small car.
Now after move about two years ago the kitchen still works good, I have no problems with drawer or closing doors.
Our kitchen is made of Faktum cabinet boxes and Ulriksdal fronts (these fronts are no longer available in Ikea shops but it looks similar to Tidaholm ones)

(You can see a fragment of my kitchen on this photo which is actually from my personal style blog ;) )

Are IKEA Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea? Good Questions
4/9/13 11:20 AM

I love #4 one. It looks so nice and it has everything I like, its on three legs and there is some ethnic-look pattern on the bottom. Awesome.

Perennial Personality:
Pot Heads & Face Plants

4/9/13 10:03 AM

Of course!
I live in small 333 square feet studio and I have some plants here... and I'm plannig to have more and more of them. If you're living in small place good solution to organize your place with plants is using book shelves, windowsills and even a table in your room.
I choose for me small plants, because it's easier with small ones in small place than with the big, enormous ones. It' easier to find a place for it and easier to move it to another place in apartment.
I have one small plant in pot made of bark on my "eating" table in my place. And there are some herbs on windowsill in my kitchen. I almost forgot, I have also a bigger one in my small entryway.
Couple weeks ago I felt in love with terrariums and I realized that they're best solution for small studio and for people which used to forget about watering their plants - just like me ;)

5 Bonuses Of Plants In Small Spaces
4/9/13 09:44 AM