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I really like this room. I love the paint color, the giraffe, and the dresser, especially like them together. This has to be one of my favorite rooms because it looks so real! I have a 2 year old boy myself. We too have a fan (I think it might be the same one!) on the dresser, and I like the touch of the upside-down owl pillow--or wait, are those bats?

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5/22/11 10:11 PM

I think some toilets can splash tiny droplets quite high, so even if you don't "keep your toothbrushes inside the toilet or resting on the toilet seat" there is a possibility for a little spray, which is kind of a gross thought. That said, I've never been too concerned about it. I close the lid to the toilet before flushing and keep it closed most of the time, and I replace my toothbrush pretty regularly, so I don't see the need to hardcore disinfect it. I liked the idea about having two matching glasses/containers and switching them out for cleaning in the dishwasher every few days.

YakkoDot, I too am a little irked by the 20 "tips." Even with tabbed browsing, I find it annoying to have an article comprised entirely of links to other articles, but that seems a trend with Apartment Therapy.

20 Tips & Solutions To Keeping A Cleaner Bathroom
5/14/11 09:33 PM

I like the idea of space for trash and recycling, and even cleaning products if you don't have little ones around. Maybe shelves on one side and trash can on the other...that's what I would do if I didn't love my dishwasher so very much. A step stool would tuck in there nicely too if you're like me and need extra storage up high, but have a hard time actually reaching it. I would have forever been averse to the curtain idea (in my mind it looks very old-fashioned country, not my style) but I am and always will be in love with the fabric below the sink in this laundry room.

How To Fill Space Where Dishwasher Used To Be?
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3/29/11 03:40 PM

I don't mind crawling over my husband to get into bed...we kinda like each other, after all. The wall-side person can always get in bed first and out last if needed, of course. We never have had dedicated "sides" for ourselves anyway; I'll go a while sleeping on the right and he on the left, then we'll switch for no apparent reason.

However, it IS such a pain to make a bed against the wall. My technique has been to arrange the bed away from the wall even just 6 inches or so, just to have room to squeeze alongside and tuck the blankets in. A wall ledge or floor lamp could be used if you need something to full that gap where it kind of feels like a nightstand should go, or if you need the functionality of one.

Taboo Bed Placements That Actually Work
3/28/11 10:59 PM

laetitiae, I have a similar problem, in that my pans are not well-balanced, so sometimes the weight of food in the pan is less than the handle, and my pans tilt. I have found one of my salt shakers is the perfect height for propping the handle of one pan, while an egg-timer is just right for another one. They're always conveniently within arm's reach of the stove, too. Look around your kitchen for similarly sized things that might do the trick!

The 2-Burner Trick: How to Cook on an Electric Stove
3/28/11 10:14 PM

Kaete, good idea about adding trim. I think this looks nice enough. Yes, white will scuff, and maybe it's not fully custom-made, but gosh, people, they have kids, they have stuff, and now their entryway is a lot neater than it used to be. Not everyone has the luxury of endless free time & the skill to build something entirely from scratch with the highest quality materials, nor the money to do so, at least not money they want to see go to waste when a beautiful and expensive piece goes through the inevitable wear and tear of children. Kudos to them, they should be proud of this project.

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3/28/11 10:06 PM

Aw, I had already planned to use a mattress on the floor for the transition from crib to big boy bed for our little guy. I thought I was such a genius for coming up with a way to avoid ugly safety rails, limited-use toddler beds, etc! I guess I shouldn't have been that proud of myself, seeing that others have had this idea before. Still, I'm glad to hear the positive reviews about it to balance out the potential drawbacks. I do think we'll be using a real bed frame once he's certain not to fall out, but I can give up a little under-bed storage until then. (After all, we don't have any under-crib storage right now either, as we have a German crib with a low mattress. I love it, in case anyone is wondering. I'm short, and it's always been easy to put our son into the crib without waking him or struggling with lowering/raising a squeaky rail.) Anyway, getting too off-topic...I wholeheartedly approve of the floor bed. :)

Consider A Floor Bed
3/23/11 08:46 PM

Aside from that, wouldn't this be really smelly and bad for you? Bathrooms tend to be small and not always well-ventilated...and I'd imagine the smell would linger. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant, but I'm not crazy about this idea. (Aside from the fact that it looks awesome.)

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3/23/11 01:52 PM

I want espresso-colored cd-sized storage boxes and magazine holders, binders, or file boxes to go in mine. I bought 4 Nostalgisk boxes and a few Nostalgisk mag holders and then realized they're perfect (size, appearance, and price) for fitting out my whole 2x4 Expedit, but now they're not available any more. Any ideas on where I can get my hands on some more of these, or something similar (especially the cd-sized boxes, which are sadly becoming rare in this digital music age)?
I've even thought of making some myself using the boxes I have as a pattern. Does anyone have tips for making handmade boxes that look good and stay together with semi-heavy storage use?

Ten Storage Options for Your Expedit | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/3/10 02:43 AM

It won't let me vote?

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12/30/08 11:44 PM

Thanks for supporting us through USO.

Army Wife

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Giving to Those Who've Given To Us
12/17/08 11:50 PM

This seems very contrived to me. What's wrong with inviting all the people you enjoy spending time with, regardless of "density?"

Apartment Therapy New York | Party Architecture: #1 - Density
12/16/08 04:05 AM

Kelley, I live in military housing in Germany too. I was wondering where you got the color for the paint & how you mixed it. Also, any home resources you could direct me to would be much appreciated!

Apartment Therapy New York | International #5: Kelley's Self-Mixed Colors
11/4/08 10:51 PM

Where did that rug come from? I like it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Bedroom
11/4/08 10:36 PM

Diddo, angorian. Very good point; that is exactly how I learned to cook.

I know there are supertasters, but is there also such a thing as an undertaster? If so, I am one. I like my food salty & packed with bold flavor. Often I'll over eat because if something doesn't satisfy me flavor-wise, I keep eating, looking for that flavor that I want. This is not good. Two bland chicken breasts do not equal one flavorful one.

However, I've been trying to cut down on the salt because my husband has developed high blood pressure. I also try to decrease the oil or fat I use in my cooking where I can, even though fat helps to carry the flavor, isn't that right? It has taken me a while, but I think my tongue is slowly adjusting to having less salt. My point is that if you're a beginning cook, your tongue may just be used to sodium-loaded foods and chemically-enhanced flavors that come in boxes. Give it some time to adjust to a healthy dose of salt.

Another thing: learn what quality ingredients make a difference and which ones just make you look good. Buying fresh dried spices doesn't necessarily mean they have to be the most expensive ones on the shelf. As long as they haven't been sitting in your cupboard for a year, they should be good. Growing your own fresh herbs is a great thing to do and I'm sure it saves a lot of money, but when it's not possible (due to the colder seasons or the fact that your entire apartment is shrouded by trees, like mine) only buy the fresh stuff when it will really be noticed. I think in soups or things with a long cooking time, dried herbs are actually superior. Also, I'm sure free range organic chicken is much tastier than the frozen Tyson chicken I buy, but that's what I can afford. I'd rather enjoy it than go beyond my budget only to find that that flavor is something I can't have on a regular basis. Part of being satisfied with a meal, for me, is being content that there may be something tastier out there, but I've done the best I can with what I have, and I appreciate the food I do have.

To sum up, in my opinion, being a good cook is about knowing how to balance 3 things: quality, health, and frugality. Mastering this art is my goal whenever I enter the kitchen. Remember, we eat to live, we don't live to eat.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: Why Is My Cooking Bland?
11/4/08 07:37 PM