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Azure- the Eames' are dead and I think they would be appalled at what has become of their estate and designs. All it's been left to is money and class when we all know Modernism is not for or about that, something many I think have forgot. Modernism as a movement was meant to improve and change the way we live our lives in both the world and the home.

Apartment Therapy New York | Eames Knock Offs, Fakes Copies
4/14/09 11:51 PM

Given how many folks are about to loose their jobs in MI, I would say this is only thing the Obama's could do without looking rather out of touch. Empty gesture strictly for optics. The Obama's made close to 5 million dollars last year. I think they can afford a hundred grand to redecorate their own quarters.

Apartment Therapy DC | White House Decor Update: The Obamas to Personally Pay for White House Renovations
3/30/09 03:48 PM

Reading these comments and the defense of overpriced items makes me realize some modernists don't understand the very tenants of the modernism the Eames and the other's pioneered. Such a shame. I feel sorry for the employees of DWR but this is what happens when your priced for the top 1-10% of the population.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | DWR Up For Sale? Wallpaper Giveaway, LA Water Restrictions and The Way We Were Los Angeles Slinks for 01.10.2009
2/11/09 11:32 AM

Many areas of the San Fernando Valley also have MCM homes including homes designed by Palmer and Kriesel.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: MidCentury Neighborhoods in LA? Los Angeles
1/15/09 01:50 PM

Surprised by this interior. I had her pegged as totally MCM but this room is rather eclectic in it's fiftiesness. I love Zoey and her music. She's so much like Dusty Springfield or Tammy Wynette.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Zooey Deschanel's Blue Studio Domino
1/8/09 09:24 PM

Not really my style but I don't dislike it. I happen to like the current range of modern and contemporary home from Target.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Jenny Kee for Target Australia
10/22/08 07:26 AM

nice.It looks like something from the Jetsons.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Designer Coffee Table?
11/6/07 07:39 AM

I personally hate Deco as a style.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not: French Deco Chaise
11/6/07 07:37 AM

Brini has better taste than that:)

Apartment Therapy - Ivanka's Colorful ApartmentSlinks: (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/5/07 07:26 AM

that pillow is only worth about $14.99 and even than I wouldn't put it in my home.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not: Google Zeitgeist Pillows?
11/1/07 08:34 PM

I adore the Noguchi but my heart is telling me Saarinen.

Apartment Therapy - Best of Three: Iconic CoffeeTables
10/26/07 03:32 PM

I love it. It's sexy.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not?
10/26/07 03:30 PM

Congrats Jesse! I am so glad to see you finally enter. I hope you win! The ranch is coming along wonderfully!

Apartment Therapy - #35- JD Design's Wow Factor
10/24/07 04:06 PM

Seems as if the environmental groups are unfairly targeting Apple when they should be going after all of the electronics manufacturers. At least with Apple you get longer use out of said products.

Apartment Therapy - News: iPhone's Hazardous Chemicals
10/18/07 12:38 PM

so not hot.

Apartment Therapy - Hot or Not?: Rope Door Stop at CSPost
10/5/07 09:17 AM

I prefer Ty's style. He knows how to work that mid century vibe. Nate on the other hand is too bland and traditional for my tastes. Not to mention at least Ty's collection and line are affordable.

Apartment Therapy - Lunchtime Survey: Nate Berkus vs. Ty Pennington
8/24/07 09:25 AM

I am glad I bought one on the friday before these come out. I think the whole black and silver color palette that Apple has adopted looks like every other PC manufacturer. I really do think the white set them apart from the pack.

Apartment Therapy - iMac Roundup
8/20/07 01:50 PM

I don't know about you guys but I think the 60's and 70's idea of the modern and the future was much more futuristic than what passes for modern today. Digging this photo but than I love Logan's Run.

Apartment Therapy - Grundig Audiorama Speakers
8/20/07 01:00 PM

San Diego, So Cal.

Survey: Are you in the Southwest?
6/2/07 01:30 PM

it's great! I really like the danish modern furniture. You have some GREAT pieces. I really dig the overall vibe of your place. It looks like a 70's surf house. Perfect for San Diego!

#23 Eve and Paige's hip pad
5/3/07 08:06 AM