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Checking these out a year later & what a difference one year can make... the last one, JCP's twin sleeper you list at $600...?

Now it's less affordable at $1,800.00

Affordable Sleeper Chairs & Ottomans small space solutions
2/24/14 04:57 PM

where i'm at- this whole place -one big draft. it was in the 30's in here a week ago.

here's my advice to anyone: try to resolve this stuff before you get old, or old/sick...
or old/alone/sick.

i'm not whining or weeping as i type here, this is serious advice.
don't put it off.

How To Beat the Cold: Tips for Making Windows Warmer for Winter Reader Intelligence Report
12/17/13 04:18 PM

Yes, mbrewer, doors. Someone does not know how to correctly put the links in the emails they send. OR? They wanted to gin up fake page views here by linking to a formerly proven very popular topic! But that is farfetched and highly unlikely. Even so: a bitter pill as I leave still with not one plausible option at hand for -these damn doors.

Watch the Short Film: Growing Farmers
3/1/13 07:29 PM

Regarding spiders and cobwebs? I've recently been told twice (minimum!) by close friend/kin that cobwebs come from dust & have 'absolutely nothing to with spiders.' Seems they're indicating that spiders are snobby little neat-freaks that hang around long enough for a little killing/a little birthin' and p-Ziiiing!! Gone. No dust on their terrifying, fussy little spider feet...

SO, unless this here is all make-believe to stop me from screaming, jumping on chairs, screaming and setting small fires? I suppose 'when you see cobwebs, you'll not find spiders' is the rule o'web...-if you believe them!! (By the way, I was going for that emphatic oomph @story point When Spiders Dash? The p-Ziiiiing? Lo! Baby-code for italics, bold, etc- not working at all for the first time in my internets life and no sprout, me. Now I am sad...sigh.)

My Tech Top 10: Jason Yang
12/22/12 03:00 PM

O Negative Ones, I'm confounded - all these downers, do you also go to WALLPAPER, AZURE, Design Bureau & OBJEKT to complain about the original designs that inspire IKEA? If everyone decided to speak up when they disliked something, I think the whole site would have to be put out of it's misery.

A boarding announcement? Hmmm... what legendary Designer and Architect is known for his ubiquitous airport seating that you can still find after decades of use- because of the quality and incredible comfort?

Most of these designs are echoes of what has been out there for the last couple of years- the jumbled dresser is now a design solid (probably through Established & Sons), the couch is a chillaxian echo of the new interpretations of Le Corbu's w/the shocking new colors on metal and cushion, along with Herman Miller (?) putting out collections of MCM classics -for outdoors. The metal chairs appear so very much like a Bertoia Diamond ran headlong into his Bird Chair: and so we get twice the metal & a finer mesh! Yay, etc... as usual, IKEA pays attention and pops out both recent huge design wins or classics as soon as they can figure out how to offer us a lovely or daring thing that is well above the quality of a Tarbluh or Walnoot and yet still affordable.

The wall storage, I may cover the inserts with leather or burlap just to tone down the color. My space can't take any more visual noise, but I love the cubes. Wish the inserts were galvanized metal.

I alo plan on honing the stumpy legs on the dresser and am relieved they did not attempt this other award-winning dresser that pops to mind: one which had all the drawers freely a'jumble and held together with a huge leather strap. Assemble that!

IKEA PS 2012: A Look at What's to Come from the Swedish Home Retailer
3/18/12 03:48 AM

I'm never going to downsize my books, especially to something that requires an electrical charge.

Oh no, not even when the now stewing 'Anti-Elitist Party of Just Regular Folks' completely takes over and starts to pound on doors in the middle of the night seeking out the intellectuals, artists and other anti-American sorts. It may be time:

When they came for the artists, I did not paint nor sculpt-is so messy; I did nothing.

When they came for my neighbor Larry and his older roommate Arthur who wore shoes with no socks and rolled up his pant cuffs? -well, I never understood having a roommate in this family-oriented, upscale neighborhood, it seemed cheap so I did nothing.

When they came for the folks with walls of books in their homes? I thought good riddance to elitist snooty pants- I did nothing.

Needless to say- when they came for anyone with more than 5 titles on their Kindle -or just one that's by Nom Chomzkee, but hello- whoever that is?? Point: When they came for me? Devastated. Not one of my neighbors stood up for me! I don't even think they knew my name!

I guess my kids Dakota and Channing will finally be happy- living with their Uncle Henry and Aunt Candace: their kids all have their own Playstations, XBoxers - literally piles O piles of games; the Wii one too w/dozens of those white things you swat around in the air at each other.

They won't even bother downloading essays from inothasbookumoran to 'fool me' anymore.

Oh, hyperbole- you spread so thin these days.

Space-Saving Solutions in a Family's Tiny Apartment
9/2/11 09:25 PM

I'm beside myself. I crave spartan to the core: as in Hideyuki Nakayama's O House. I adore that look. Yet I find myself in love with every single inch of Barry's home. Well done!

Mr. Mascarelli had the soul of an artist to pull together another man's vision: to his total delight, his dream home.

I don't have two extra nickels to rub together (quite the opposite) so I must note how grateful I am that Apt Therapy Inc. came around and clipped some comments from here. It's obvious some folks were quite rude and I'm hoping the many aren't judged for the few.

If you want to know the 'true, historical neighborhoods of Los Angeles' there's an odd fellow who has deeply researched & then mapped them out himself -and his many cartography creations are perusable and more; people have nearly come to blows over where the neighborhood lines are drawn, so take care if you go to the gallery! (I joke)

Barry's Antique-Filled Doheny Hills Home
House Tour

6/28/11 11:38 AM

No one is sitting next to Teale at the dinner party. No one.
(just humor, not mean!)

Home Reserve must be a local thing and not national, right? Gargh.

I so very much desire a Ball Chair (Eero?) but tell my broke self that it would never fit through the bedroom door.

Totally off topic but I just decided I want an XL Ball Chair that comes w/a hatch -and I can close myself up inside it. A reasonable sized porthole here and there for air flow maybe...

When Your Sofa Has To Go Through the Window
(And Other Small Space Conundrums)

6/28/11 09:11 AM


Toni and Rick's Serenity in Stone
Green Tour

5/28/11 06:27 AM

Amazing. Even so, all of this talk makes me ache for Paris.

Johnelle's Mignonne Maison
Green Tour From the Archives

5/20/11 09:34 PM

I couldn't have kids; anyone want to send me an ipad before I'm all alone eating cold beans from a tin it took 3 days to open? Oh darn- that was Tuesday night. Roont again.

10 Great Tech Gifts for Mom
5/7/11 06:06 AM

And yet it always comes back to - why are small homes illegal in most parts of the United States? It seriously breaks my heart. I want to OWN something this amazing but no: zoning is against it, taxes revenue too small, blah blah. This does need to be the wave of the future; red tape should be as fragile and removable as it sounds.

Love this modern take, but as a 'non-cook' I could have a media center surrounded by books where most all of that kitchen is. LOVES.

James' Ultra Compact Abode
4/22/11 03:53 AM

I just love everything here - how can so much "stone" be in a place that is such a cozy refuge? Don't know, but it sure is. Thank you for sharing!

Nicole's Stone Facades
4/22/11 03:23 AM

Best loft ladder EVER- congrats on all the love here. Any tips/leads/brand names on your TV arm? My TV annoys me so very much, but -that old TV addiction of mine... alas. Gracias.

Erin & Danny's Storage Solutions
4/13/11 10:43 PM

I truly like your sense of gratitude. I sure wish I had your sense of organization! Yet that goes for the best of the small submissions, I suppose. Thanks for sharing.

Heidi's Every Inch Counts
4/7/11 05:29 PM

That Eyepatch dressed up Formal Kitty in frame well, I do love it so. Nice place!!

Lacey's Ever Evolving Studio
4/7/11 05:23 PM

re: JustBekky

Sometimes I think that when I see a tricked out Bentley vehicle on the road but not when I see a creation by Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen or the like. The architects, designers- some great artists.

Sometimes a chair isn't just a chair. And these pieces do stand the test of time. So it would seem that except for your 'time out' wooden chair, you seem to agree with the 'non-fakes' crowd. And frankly, a solidly built chair is getting harder and harder to find as WalMarts push crap & what was once our $50 solid chair has long been lost all over America.

But I don't think that you're here to conversate, from your tone - acquiring a few pieces of art in one's lifetime does not mean that one is trying to 'look any part' at all.

Yes, some people insist that art can only be paintings and sculptures. Maybe you are of that crowd? Given the choice, I'd want to live in an isolated area in a wee home of maybe 400 square feet, with an Eames Lounger, my expensive (admittedly medical) bed - but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the majesty of some of the architecture going up around the world or the innovation (Bjarke's BIG work, let's say)... but if you can't see art where art is, I don't know what to say.

The Eames were part of an Arts and Crafts movement. I don't denigrate the Crafts & take it away from Art. Just sayin' ...mate.


When Should You Splurge On the Real Thing?
4/2/11 11:49 AM

All I know is that I am in excruciating pain and the Eames Lounger and Ottoman call to me louder each month. I saved thousands for LASIK (don't ask: trust I really needed it), I saved thousands for a medically needed, adjustable bed; frankly if the pain gets one smidgey worse, I may lose my mind and just buy DWR. I assume it to be the most pillowy-love-hold-you chair available, for even as I'd like a Ball Chair for that quiet and solitude feeling, it seems too shallow at 28" -no footstool/crushed legs? Advise anyone?

The big question answered is that as much as I "can't afford nice things" well, I can save & I can't take the pain anymore, I swear to God. I'd never forgive myself if a cheaper fake gave me not just guilt but a 'bummer, wasted all that saved money' experience. Never.

When Should You Splurge On the Real Thing?
4/1/11 09:47 AM

Most ironic post to bump into ever. I just woke up trying to scream but was choking on a mouthful of blood. 30 mins or so later and I'm still shaking. I know all the monkey tricks and have tried them all, I'm no spring flower. Some people sleep better from sheer luck, some sleep poor from a spate of bad luck & all the advice in the world changes nothing. A job that brings 6 beds helps, I imagine: cool.

How To Get a Really Good Night's Sleep
10 Sleep Tips

3/14/11 03:44 PM

Most of these look Americanized to me... open? Oversized? Barely any beams! I guess I'm just poor and I like the tiny Attic set-up: except I don't need to see the Tower for a view (unless I'm seeing it magically from an attic over near the Pompidou?) The one place in the world I don't want a shiny modern space is Paris. No, no, no.
But thank you anyway. I miss it so much, it aches.

4 Ways Parisian Kitchens Differ From American Kitchens
2/16/11 02:42 AM