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Am I the only one who thinks that thoughtful consumption of dairy products is acceptable as long as we show respect to the animals we raise for our benefit?

I love milk. I love dairy products. I love meat and other animal-derived things. I detest the disrespectful way that animals are treated in Factory Farms. That doesn't mean that I have to stop consuming the things that I appreciate, it just means I need to be more careful about who I buy these things from, and how much of them I consume.

Does that make me loony? Really?

Even Dairy Farming Has a 1 Percent
Food News

3/9/12 12:32 PM

I wish I could upvote you, Sawdust & Glitter.

Why Simple Is Good: Jonathan Ive
Good Quotes

11/4/11 01:13 PM

Oh, also, "Here are our picks!"

What's Your Favorite Cooking Apps? Here's Our Picks!
10/24/11 12:57 PM

Sorry to be a stickler, but "What's your favorite cooking apps"??

How about "What *are* your favorite cooking apps" or "What's your favorite cooking app"?

What's Your Favorite Cooking Apps? Here's Our Picks!
10/24/11 12:56 PM

The article is correct in its intent, albeit confusing.

Radiant heaters heat via infrared radiation. Only infrared-opaque material will absorb it.

Air? Infrared-transparent. No heat is transferred to it.
Your face? Infrared-opaque. It'll get nice and toasty in front of one of these.

They're somewhat directional too- Like a lightbulb. so you can point them toward whatever area you expect to be occupying.

Yes, they'll also heat up the walls, floor, and furniture, but you're still being efficient by avoiding heat loss to the air.

Convection vs Radiant Heaters: What's The Difference?
10/21/11 11:28 AM


Fresh or Frozen Shrimp? Buy Frozen!
5/10/11 12:40 PM

I could probably eat 3 or 4 lbs of chopped liver in one sitting. I'm sure my cholesterol would love me.

My mother's recipe uses gribbnes and shmaltz, and it is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten.

Cholent to Challah: Favorite Foods from Jewish Delis

2/14/11 12:43 PM

No question; the best feeder plant for adult monarchs is scarlet sage.

Seriously. It's spectacular.

Attracting Monarch Butterflies: What to Plant
Los Angeles Times

1/20/11 12:12 PM

it's "kudzu".

Sustainable Diets: Invasivores Take the Stage
1/14/11 01:12 PM

Please, please, *please*!

This is relevant information for *all* fluorescent bulbs, not just the compact ones.

All fluorescent bulbs have mercury in them!

Cleanup and Disposal of CFLs: New EPA Guidelines
1/12/11 12:18 PM

> VACUUM MUST... NEVER buy a vaccum without
> a HEPA filter.

That's incorrect.

HEPA filters by definition filter 99.97% particulate 0.3 uM in diameter. Particulate smaller or larger is not defined.

Because of conflicting forces, 0.3 uM is the most difficult size to filter.

The problem is that most of the mechanical connections (including the ones surrounding the filter) aren't tight enough to prevent the same size particulate from flowing through.

You end up paying more for filters which don't last as long or do any more than any other vacuums.

If you want a good vacuum, check out what they're using at your local hotel. Those are generally excellent.

Muffin's 5 Tips to Vacuum More Effectively
11/3/10 12:38 PM

This is such a petty thing to complain about too.

We're talking about *snack bags* here! They almost all end up in a landfill, where it doesn't make any difference whether or not they're compostable because things don't compost in a landfill! They compress the refuse so tightly that there isn't enough air for bacteria to actually break the stuff down.

This is small beans. Focus on something more important, like water bottles or home insulation

Your Chip Bags Are Too Noisy! Backlash Against FritoLay
Morning News

10/6/10 12:14 PM

>> It also adapts itself to human body's
>> temperature

What do you mean by that?
The reason titanium is used in orthopedic prostheses is because it's bio-compatible and very strong for it's weight.

Titanium Gadgets: Lightweight With A Punch
10/6/10 11:58 AM


It's not a cleaver.

It's a Nakiri Bocho. It's a Japanese knife for chopping greens.

Setting Up Home: 10 Essentials For a First Kitchen
8/16/10 04:11 PM

So wait, were the cups made of Jell-o (gelatin) or agar?

Did You Know You Could Do This With JELL-O? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/17/10 04:28 PM


The only difference between brazing and soldering is the temperature. Brazing is actually quite simple, and in my opinion much easier than Oxy-acetylene welding.

Similar Branching Bubble Chandelier? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
1/8/10 12:52 PM

Isn't this list very strongly skewed by the amount of each individual food we eat?

If people eat 50 times more potatoes than oysters, How does this make oysters riskier?

This list needs to be normalized by the rate of consumption. I want to know (outbreaks)/(million units of food eaten)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Top 10 Riskiest Foods: Are You Concerned?
10/15/09 12:50 PM

What chair is that?! I'm pretty sure I have the same one in brown. think it's a steelcase, but I'm not sure. Any clues?

Apartment Therapy New York | Classic Gray Paint: Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore ColorTherapy
8/11/09 07:26 PM

diagonal cutters an utility knife.

Apartment Therapy DC | Setting Up Home: DIY Tool Basics
8/10/09 11:27 PM

Looks like pokeweed to me. Don't want to eat those at all! The only part of the pokeweed which *isn't* poisonous are very young leaves, and even THOSE are supposed to be boiled three times before you eat them.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ingredient Spotlight: Huckleberries
8/7/09 12:45 PM