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Buy the Juice Box by Blu Dot. it holds all of your cables in a really nice walnut box:


Hiding a Phone Charger in Plain Sight | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/7/10 05:18 PM

what about Vipp bathroom accessories. they'd fit in perfect!


Black, White and Modern All Over Dream Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/5/10 02:37 PM

My vote would be for one of those large LeKlint pendant's like this one:


The Giant one is so impressive and looks great in older homes.

Lighting Suggestions for This Entry? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
2/24/10 04:41 PM

I have a Mega Tolomeo floor lamp over my dining table as well, but in the grey shade.


Floor Lamps: An Alternative to Dining Room Pendants | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/19/10 05:42 PM

I just bought some of the Algue in white also. so cool.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Martha's Stunning Fireplace
10/26/09 04:36 PM

I love the look of 2 PH5 Pendants over and old oak table. The new colored PH50's are great as well. see them on the link below.


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 3 Blind Mice by JAS Design-Build
9/11/09 04:04 PM

I've always thought the LAX series media unit was a really cool choice for a solid wood, modern tv stand.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Were Can I Find a Simple Flatscreen TV Stand? Good Questions
9/9/09 09:24 PM

you are missing the Cherner table. My fav!


Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Round Dining Tables
8/24/09 04:32 PM

I second the atlantico bed. it's more expensive, but timeless and built to last forever.


Apartment Therapy New York | Suggestions for a Modern King Bed?Good Questions
7/28/09 09:30 PM

I am saving for the nelson swag leg desk. I love it!


Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Great Desk Chair Combos
7/27/09 06:45 PM

I am in love with the ABICI bicycles. great colors.

See them here: http://www.nest-living.com/pages/bicycles-and-equipment

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | De Fietsfabriek: Dutch Cargo Bicycles
7/16/09 08:34 PM

The Risom table by knoll is a gret option also. It's a little over $1k.


Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Options for Round, Solid Wood Table?
7/6/09 09:47 PM

The Knax one is my fav. Imported from Denmark.


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 5 Coat Racks for Small Spaces
6/24/09 09:13 PM

The Cycloc is so much cooler:


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Gladiator Claw: Bicycle Storage
6/22/09 03:38 PM

These Kinda of remind me of pappelina Swedish runners except they are made from woven plastic. see them here:


Apartment Therapy New York | Swedish Rag Rugs
6/19/09 09:54 PM

those Artek lights are so cool!


Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration: Two Mexican Hotels by Joseph Dirand
6/11/09 09:38 PM

pretty cool but it's hard to beat the Vessel.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Pods Planters by Pad Outdoor
6/11/09 09:29 PM

I don't get it. I am sure most working architect's have to design/build/renovate twice as many craftsman/traditional homes than modern. It's most peoples preference. all look lovely, however.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Bruce Wilkin and Ann Hillyer's Contemporary Home Victoria, BC
5/22/09 09:53 PM

what about a wall sticker?

like these:


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Decorating Dead SpotsThe Oregonian: 05.17.09
5/18/09 08:51 PM

yup...I think it's a Vodder piece too. the space is beautiful

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Vintage Side Table Identification? Los Angeles
5/16/09 02:15 AM