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I really like that funky little bench, and I also like the collection of framed found items. But for the latter, seriously... who would have that kind of time?! You can buy pictures like those.

Banish Boring Rooms: 11 Fun Decor Detail Ideas to Steal
4/7/14 04:37 PM

In the majority of these rooms, there's a diverse palette of colors. The colors spotlighted in the article aren't the stars of the show and I think that's contributing more to why these all work so well.

With that said, the Portland bedroom and the Toronto bedroom look so inviting and cozy. Love the use of color in both.

Color Rules: 4 Very Versatile Colors for Any Room
4/4/14 12:46 PM

What an excellent opportunity! I love the fact they preserved everything as it was. A REAL kitchen. I think Faulkner would be pleased, and I love how sunny it gets.

William Faulkner's Mississippi Kitchen Kitchen Tour
10/17/13 11:49 AM

I need a spice organization system. My cabinet is waaaaay above my sink, and my spices are thrown around in there in all kinds of orders, lol. >_<

Day 2: Declutter and Clean Pantry and Food Storage Areas The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
10/1/13 03:40 PM

Ha! I second a Schedule Cure.

I'm dreading doing this when I get home... and that only means it needs to be done, badly.

Day 1: Declutter and Clean the Refrigerator and Freezer The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
9/30/13 02:46 PM