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Oh! We spot two of our pillows in the living room! Such a lovely space and we're pretty much dying over the perfect mix of raw elements and bold art in the space. Great work Ellenkate and Tim!

Pillows here!
PARTY DEER by Robert Farkas:
ITS YOUR WORLD by Bianca Green:

Ellenkate & Tim's Clever DIY Loft House Tour
3/6/14 01:42 PM

We say, "Embrace the color!!!" But since it's SO BOLD, we suggest getting rid of the taupe/tan on the walls and paint it all a nice, crisp white. Other minor updates would be to replace the countertop slab with a uber-modern/clean granite on the sink to balance out the retro intensity of the space. Also, replace the shower door with a modern style and if the inside of the shower is green, maybe think of replacing that with some great subway tile! And, if you ever need a bathroom rug, mirror or other decor element to match the green/purple awesomeness, we have over 5,000+ designs where one is sure to bring the color combination all together beautifully! Happy Designing!

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/13/13 01:34 PM