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i'm sorry, but this is totally nerdy, somewhat japanesie and only works with manga

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look: Book Covers As Bookshelf Design and Art Display#comments
1/24/09 12:19 PM

doesn't this pattern only work when you have a vast expanse of floor that you intend to keep bare?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How to Achieve this Tile Effect?#comments
1/23/09 03:40 PM

the perfect wedding gift

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Get The Perfect Body In Bed With This Duvet Cover
1/23/09 03:34 PM

what jenPDX said: window film

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Suggestions for this Window?
1/23/09 03:10 PM

even better if someone else is cleaning up

yes on the 'we' thing in this case. maybe the AT style book is being followed a bit to the letter?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Eating in Bed#comments
1/23/09 02:54 PM

the concrete table is unconventional enough. this is a chance to get a collection of iconic chairs going. i'd get different chairs, maybe in the same color, maybe not. maybe ones with same or similar material. maybe some with armrests, some without.
get one or two eiffel chairs. a tulip, a panton, etc. you can even have a high leather loveseat anchor one side of the table.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Chairs For This Table? Los Angeles
1/23/09 02:33 PM

boomerang legs = australian
makes sense.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Can Anyone Identify These Vintage Chairs? Los Angeles#comments
1/23/09 11:38 AM

i can see how some people can have an aversion to something like this, but there are definitely urban areas that can benefit from this

for example, a concrete lot where you can't grow anything anyway

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | SYNLawn Synthetic Grass#comments
1/22/09 12:53 PM

looks like the perfect place to entertain prospective business partners, seal deals...instead of hunting, you go riding

maybe that's why it looks hotel-ish

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Lance Armstrong's 448 Acre Texan Ranch Celebrities...They're NOT Like Us
1/22/09 11:36 AM

interesting stuff...i admire that cabin lady

small houses are great when you have some outdoors space...on a seacliff, even can do most of your living outdoors, weather permitting...

...but then i think of trailer parks. not so hot. so to really enjoy living small, it's still about location, location, location...

...i went to the links to these stories and noticed not too many comments. guess AT readers are still mostly urban and attached to their stuff...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Learning to Live Small: Part II Stories of Living Well with Less
1/22/09 11:12 AM

has rent doubled in SF since the 90s?
how come hotel rates have stayed so flat...?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Bay Area Rental Market Gives Tenants an Edge SF Chronicle#comments
1/22/09 07:29 AM

when in doubt, chill out...

there's something you can do with that desk without doing anything to it: put it to use

instead of spending money on restoring it (the end result of which you might or might not like), put that money towards getting the latest, sleekest technological gadget that you will need and use - a new mac system? - and slap it on top of that desk...the contrast of old and new will bring out the antique desk nicely

and if the desk had a soul, she'll thank you for it

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Updating an Antique to Fit In With Modern Decor? Los Angeles#comments
1/21/09 03:46 AM

i'm guessing from the thick magazines/catalogs on the ottoman this is from the early 80' york?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess the Decade: Dressing Room
1/21/09 12:05 AM

these small fires are really inconsequential to the environment

while i enjoy seeing the small, well-kept, urban abodes people keep out of necessity here on AT, i find these open-sky, close-to-nature, outdoors, open spaces really inspirational

seeing these photos, i can picture a lot of positivity. i see a large family, or a gathering of friends, enjoying a barbecue or a splash-around in the pool, kids running around, women with wine by the fire...and i think it's all just reward for someone working hard to achieve something as nice as this...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 3 Modern Outdoor Fireplaces California Home Design#comments
1/16/09 03:23 AM

i think you'll regret it later if you don't try to match the new cushion to the the rest...should be easy to get really close...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Ideas for This (Now Partial) Chair?
1/16/09 02:36 AM

murderously dreamy...making a few warped dishes and getting this kinda ink is just thumbs way up

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dexter for Dinner?
1/16/09 02:10 AM

make a sturdy sliding tray/shelf for it just under a desk/flat surface. that way when you wanna use it, you can just slide it out and chop...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How Would You Store A Giant Paper Cutter?#comments
1/15/09 09:21 PM

wow, bloomingdale's on lex...that's a pretty big's nice to follow something and see it developing...congrats

re grammar and typos and stuff - i would think professionals, people who're actually paid good money to write and edit etc, would be the first to let minor errors's part of the job. this is a blog, not like the NYTimes or anything...i find it's most often the frustrated journalist/magazine writer wannabes english majors who are scrutinizing every hyphen, apotrophe, etc...i don't mind the errors at all as long as the content is good...

Apartment Therapy New York | The Big Window Challenge!#comments
1/15/09 04:01 AM

i can't believe people are arguing about plants in the bedroom. we used to sleep in trees, dense forests even. some still do...

blandwagon is absolutely right re feng shui

feng shui itself is not doodoo. it's the modern practitioners of the art who can't explain the logic behind the rules who are full of doodoo...especially those who pocket a paycheck after a TV appearance or a column...FS's just really space engineering, but the art is so old that people don't remember the logic behind the rules...

like when someone says muslims don't eat pork because pigs are promiscuous and you go bullsh*t...exactly right!...because you know that the pigs are the only hoofed animals that are omnivores and so carry this certain deadly bacteria...and all chefs know you need to cook pork thoroughly...and you kind of connect the dots...maybe the arabs didn't cook their meats that well back then? so mohammad was right and the newer guys are full of doodoo...

same with feng shui, the old masters would today be architects, landscapers, interior designers...people who'd take into account human behavior, natural elements and integrate these factors into the built forms

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The "Plants in the Bedroom" Dilemma
1/15/09 03:15 AM

it's romantic, isn't - a place from the victorian period?

reminds me of mews flats in london...

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Ektoras and Simon's Small Wonder New York
1/15/09 02:00 AM