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Please oh please let me know what is the name, and source of the paint you used on your wall. Thanks so much

Great room!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Roomark: Elizabeth's Guest Room
12/15/08 02:19 PM

850sq feet????!!! How's that smallest???

My ONE bedroom apt is 350sq feet and that includes kitchen, closet, bedroom and bathroom. Granted I have the smallest everything...smallest bathroom, smallest kitchen, smallest bedroom... but isn't that what make it the "coolest" ????

Again please allow more pictures and less space.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2008: Get Ready for April!
3/19/08 09:48 AM

ONLY 3 photos? The Fall color contest had 5 photos. Please please please make it 5, most of the time 3 photos will not do justice :(

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2008: Get Ready for April!
3/18/08 01:42 PM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Win a Ferm Living Wall Sticker
1/10/08 08:50 AM

While I love it, I still have to say Be careful with the Expedit, it is very heavy. When we first got it, it slipped out of our hands...yah 2 people ('cuz by heaviness) fell, and CRUSHED 2 of my bf toes...OUCH!!

I use wicker baskets too. Lovely, just lovely :)

Apartment Therapy - Close-Up: Jennifer and David Repurpose IKEA Wall-Unit
10/3/07 09:57 AM

I love the tiled walls, so pretty.

Apartment Therapy - #2 - Aja's Anti-Depressive Kitchen
10/1/07 10:53 AM

He rocks my socks for his talents.
Now he also rocks my world and my heart for his kindness.
Go Pitt!!!

Apartment Therapy - Make It Right with Brad Pitt
10/1/07 09:07 AM

First, let me tell you what a great way to use colors. I love love love your place.

What's the color behind your tv/bookcases? How did you paint the graphic behind them, please show me how/where to look into to create it. Thanks so much :)

Apartment Therapy - 1# - Andrew & Karen's Contrasting Condo
10/1/07 09:04 AM

1. My name is Féline
2. I'd love to have the bamboo in Tan
3. I painted my bedroom in this hot chocolate brown (more on the warm side) but then I need something to pull the whole thing together (white furniture, mint, tan, and ivory bedding set) and so far....NO LUCK!!! I need help. The bamboo would be PERFECT with our tiny bedroom.

Apartment Therapy - blik This Wall Giveaway & Contest!
9/6/07 06:38 AM

I love love love your kitchen counter, please let me know where you get it. Thanks
Your apt is definitely a winner!!!

#29 - Lex & Lynn's Modern Haven
5/2/07 09:06 PM