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I'm sorry but I couldn't pay any attention to the room with that adorable little cherub taking centre stage! So cute! I love to see how differently little girls play with their toys than boys do. She looks so gentille rocking her baby doll.
(Oh, and yes, the room is lovely too!)

A Fresh Take on Feminine for Harlan's Nursery My Room
7/2/14 01:55 AM

Lovely room! always loved that S&L wallpaper; not too busy at all! those little shoes are to die for.

Office Turned Fresh & Cheery Nursery My Room
6/27/14 03:46 PM

who would have thought a tiramisĂș "pudding" could spark such controversy! nomenclature aside, it sounds delicious.

Recipe: Summer Tiramisu with Mango & Lime Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
6/27/14 03:38 PM

Love Design Atelier Article's bookends! (#4 and #8). I ended up getting this one with the eld and squirrel for my daughter's room. https://www.etsy.com/listing/165851168/bookends-elf-and-squirrel-laser-cut-for?ref=shop_home_active_23

Fun Bookends For Kids' Rooms
6/27/14 01:45 PM

Faith, I fear I may have hijacked your post. I think the initial comment about disliking coffee and ladyfingers in tiramisĂș may have been in reference to the comments in my link ;-). Though I adore coffee in all forms and have a deep appreciation for marsala, I never liked pudding paired with coffee or alcohol. And for this reason, this recipe sounds heavenly!

Recipe: Summer Tiramisu with Mango & Lime Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
6/26/14 04:55 PM

Hah! Who doesn't love pudding! Don't get me wrong, I love all the components, just not together ;-)

Recipe: Summer Tiramisu with Mango & Lime Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
6/26/14 04:10 PM

Another amazing recipe, Faith. I just made mini tiramisĂș ramekins (minus the ladyfingers) myself a couple of days ago for my daughter's birthday tea party. So much better with just the cream!

Recipe: Summer Tiramisu with Mango & Lime Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn
6/26/14 03:20 PM

Actually, halloumi is Cypriot, not Greek. But thank you for highlighting this wonderful cheese!

Recipe: Grilled Eggplant Burgers with Halloumi Cheese Recipes from The Kitchn
6/25/14 07:36 AM

Such a great article! there are commercially available almond milks that are carrageenan free; I think they use guar gum. Still full of additives. Almond milk came to the rescue for me in the first 9 months of nursing my daughter though- she reacted horribly to even trace amounts of dairy.
I found a great alternative for my coffee was canned organic coconut milk. Of course then there's the BPA worry. Cannot win!
So happy to be back to dairy milk.
But I definitely recommend checking out Danielle Walker's almond milk recipe http://againstallgrain.com/2011/12/15/homemade-almond-milk/

Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead
6/22/14 05:12 PM

This is so cute! My 4 year old son would love it. Great find, Carrie!

Lake Monsters of America by Atlas Obscura On The Wall
6/21/14 11:54 AM

Thank you, Chelsea! And I really love the colours in your painting. what great contrast!
jxk- that's a wonderful idea. A bit like documenting a child's growth through their handprints. Perhaps you could do one every year for father's day ;-)

How To Make an Ombre Heart Painting Apartment Therapy Tutorials
6/20/14 09:34 AM

Oh, I LOVE this!! The colour palette is perfect; I'm especially fond of mint accents.
I see there are many more lovely images on the blog, though I think the room resources might be nice to have too.

A Scandi-Style Nursery in Spain My Room
6/19/14 01:19 PM

I love this idea! Great summer DIY project for kids.

One Minute Tip: Flower Pounding Apartment Therapy Videos
6/17/14 07:56 AM

I am so in love. The colours. The soft and feminine clothes hanging in the closet. The moroccan wedding blanket and pillows. I can't express how much I love this home tour. One of my favourites so far.

Myka and George's Modern Abode House Tour
6/15/14 10:50 PM

Great tip. I usually hand wash everything before I put them in the dishwasher anyway- i'm not sure why but i guess don't trust they will be clean if I don't. for me, the advantage of the dishwasher is the extra hot sterilisation setting (i use the express wash cycle with heated dry), and having a place for the dishes to dry ;-)

One Small Step to Make it Easier to Unload Utensils from the Dishwasher Tiny Tips from The Kitchn
6/6/14 08:33 AM

How romantic!! Looking forward to following along.

We Bought a 94-Room French Chateau
5/29/14 12:35 PM

love the fabric!!

Before & After: A 1930s Accent Chair Gets a Patterned Pick-me-up
5/25/14 11:04 AM

I definitely used the first word that came to mind- had a feeling someone would call me out on it :-)

Before & After: A Sturdy Settee Gets a Makeover for a Patio!
5/25/14 08:54 AM

I scored 4.

Take the Quiz: How Well Do You See Color in the Kitchen?
5/25/14 07:52 AM

Love the ikat fabric!!
I agree though that I'm not crazy about the appearance of the wood in the after. Is it painted brown?
Overall, a beautiful transformation!

Before & After: A Sturdy Settee Gets a Makeover for a Patio!
5/24/14 10:11 AM