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Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Elections: Best Retro Modern Dining Chair
2/19/08 05:31 AM

Donghia Anziano chair-I think it's from the 80's. The Cantiliever chair (I'm probably going to get flammed for this) just looks like a big piece of cheapo-plastic to me.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Design Elections: Best Retro Modern Dining Chair
2/19/08 05:29 AM

Uh, is there a voting category for fake fur is fine, but real fur is just gross?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Fur Follow-Up: Where to Draw the Line
1/13/08 03:13 PM

used to love dumpster diving back in the day-I lived in a large college town and right after summer break started was the best-especially around dorms, student housing, etc...wouldn't do it now, though.

Apartment Therapy - Trashcan and Curbside Finds
9/25/07 11:51 AM

Looks just like my old fleabag apartment in college.

Hot or Not? Ralph Lauren's Hither Hills Collection
8/13/07 08:48 AM

Get it in a neutral color or a color that makes it receed. Other wise, the bulk will make it too domineering of the rest of the room. I made the mistake of getting a large sectional in a chocolate brown (which I chose because I thought it would wear well) that just chews up the scenery. The nice thing about a super big couch, though, is you don't have to buy a bunch of furniture beyond that one item!

Good Questions: Is This Too Much Sofa for My Livingroom?
5/3/07 08:55 AM

Love it-the place feels really alive! Would love to see more- it looks like it would have a lot of interesting details.

#23 Eve and Paige's hip pad
5/3/07 06:51 AM

Looks like "Before" pictures. After you get those degrees, hit Armani/Casa, you can show us the "After"!

#17- Chez Azar: Ruthless Editing Creative Hiding
5/3/07 06:38 AM

Maybe cool and tech are mutually exclusive?

#12 Edward's Small But Tall Home Office
4/24/07 03:57 PM

I'm relieved to be seeing more traditional, eclectic designs after so much mid-century modern. That said, I feel the living room could use even more editing-those shelves jammed behind the sofa just bother me.

#24 - Anushka's Modern Merge with a Classic Twang
4/24/07 02:38 PM

Love it! Very stylish and expensive looking-I thought those were Atlas shelves. Well done.

#12 Edward's Small But Tall Home Office
4/24/07 02:13 PM