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I print out maps with 1-2 mile walk suggestions around the neighborhood just in case guests feel like taking our dog out. For some reason, in my experience, my house guests love walking her. If they have pets, I think they miss their own. Sometimes, I will print out pictures of their pets or significant other and put it in a frame by the bedside. Yes, it might be a little nutty, but they love having the reminder.

​Thanksgiving Survival Guide: 8 Ways to Be a Low-Stress Host to Overnight Guests
11/22/13 02:03 PM

My husband and I owned a townhouse with a very similar layout. When we bought it, our staircase had a white metal hand rail, and the room was painted almost the same color as yours. The first thing we did was paint the room white so the handrail would blend in more, but since we do not have kids, we decided to remove the handrail (we stored it in the garage for future owners) with the intention of installing one going down the wall side. We found over time that we really didn't need one. I think for code, in CA at least, one handrail is mandatory, but we had no problems when we sold the townhouse. Removing it really opened up the space. We removed the outdated fixtures and replaced with lighter feeling classic contemporary ones.

Another suggestion: Since yours is wood, and it will take a lot more effort to remove it, why not paint your room gray, and then paint the handrail a funky color?

Can I Transform this Townhouse to a Modern, Contemporary Style? Good Questions
8/29/13 03:38 AM

16. Apolis Market Bag. I have one. It's well-made (thick burlap, coated lining, rivieted leather handles), nice looking (mine says "Santa Cruz, CA, USA), practical, and holds a ton. I used it as a carry-on on two flights and it worked great. The only negative is that I wish the handles were slightly longer so I could fit it over my shoulder when it's full.

Lauren's Shopping List Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/19/13 08:20 PM

I'm definitely not an expert when it comes to bassinets (or even bed bugs), but if you read above, it says the rental cost includes a new mattress and fabric side panels. Besides those places, I don't think bed bugs would be an issue.

Smart Thinking: Bassinet Rentals
8/16/13 12:08 PM

Wood pallet discussion/debate #490 begins....now.

Logan's Vintage Charmer My Room
7/30/13 10:03 AM

Park Lane Guest House - Austin
Landmark Inn - Castroville

10 Unique Texas Hotels
7/30/13 02:38 AM

I also second the Georgtown recommendation if you're willing to commute. The area is very pretty, and there's a cute little downtown (think Sonoma, CA).

Where To Buy in Austin, Texas Area? Good Questions
7/12/13 04:43 PM

I recently moved back to CA after a little over three years in Austin. My suggestions are 1. Rent before buying 2. Visit in August (not sure if your move is voluntary), but the heat is pretty shocking. Think about 4 mos. of continual 90-100 degree heat. 3. Find a place with central air. 4. Ignore comments about any area being "ghetto". It's offensive and not necessarily true. 5. Think about your political and social views. Central Austin tends to be liberal. The farther out, more conservative.

Where To Buy in Austin, Texas Area? Good Questions
7/12/13 03:50 AM

Empty and pack up the contents of one closet. Store your essential items/things that are not going in the moving truck/going with you in there. The day of your move place a sign on the door that says "Do not load", "Do not pack", etc.

Moving Box Packing Survival Kit
6/18/13 09:57 PM

After living in that area for 10 years, it's always Santa Cruz this, Santa Cruz that. Nice to see Watsonsville represented!

Katie's Beach Shack Small Cool Contest
5/21/13 01:37 PM

It's a wall heater not a vent or an intake. Besides proximity to furniture, I would also consider the inefficiency of having a couch blocking your (only?) heat source.

Will the Wall Heater Ruin My Fabric Couch? Good Questions
3/19/13 12:41 PM

And not to steal little Ethan or his parents' thunder, I think this nursery is very cute.

Ethan's Bright Birch Tree Nursery My Room
1/24/13 06:17 PM

I'm confused. The item I'm talking about is the "me so horny..." print. Which I find hard to believe is a deeply religious item. If so, please explain the significance. Is it in the man cave which is described as "Chioiserie boudoir". I'm really not trying to knock you, just trying to understand better.

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
10/30/12 02:31 PM

Yesterday I was going to comment, but then I thought, "Eh, forget it", but now that the homeowner's responded about the "man cave", I decided to comment.

"The "Man Cave" is another example of our family's love of being cheeky! Why so serious?!"

The use of the term "man cave" doesn't bother me. It's silly, but whatever. I'm irreverent and quirky too, but I the "Me so horny..." paired with the "Chinoiserie boudoir" hidden away in the man cave feels icky. You might think it's cheeky, but I'm Asian and I find it offensive. It's like a 3D decorative stereotype or something.

At the beginning of your house tour, I thought your place was lovely, really lovely, but when I viewed the last 5-6 pictures, I couldn't help but think "Eww, gross". It's too bad because it's obvious you've put so much effort into your house, and seem to have a respect for other cultures.

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
10/30/12 10:39 AM

I also have a Simple Human garbage can that started making noises. I emailed them to inquire about it, and they immediately mailed me a replacement part free of charge.

Before purchasing this garbage can, I would never have considered buying a $70 one but after this experience I'm sold.

Best Large Garbage Cans 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guides
8/29/12 10:09 PM

"I am surprised that you didn't reference the Watervliet Shaker village just outside Albany NY. I know they have a fund-raising craft fair before Christmas each year and a website. Marjkri"

I am also surprised it wasn't mentioned seeing this is where Ann Lee is buried and considered the first Shaker settlement in the United States. It was a local field trip for me as a kid.

Best Shaker Design Sources 2012
Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide

7/31/12 01:33 AM

I don't have the energy to read all 250 comments to see if anyone else has already said this, and I'm hoping that someone at AT actually reads all the comments (sorry interns), but I what I really dislike are posts like these. I hope that AT does not continue posting them on a regular basis. They're filled with such contempt for others and snobbery, and it really turns me off.

Ew, I Can't Stand That! Design Allergies
6/26/12 12:00 AM

"...draw pull from Anthropologie affixed to the end."

Either it's a typo or Joe from Brooklyn is Joe from Albany and wrote this himself. Draw is the exact same way I grew up pronouncing it.

Isabella's "+" Nursery My Room
6/22/12 11:04 PM

I pet-sit in my spare time. Some of my clients/friends, I am always a little surprised by the condition they leave their houses before leaving for vacation. It looks as if they just dropped everything, ran out of the house in an emergency or they were scooped up by aliens. Dirty counter tops, clothing and shoes all over the floor, sink filled with dishes. Sometimes I can't take it, and I wind up tidying up a bit. I always hope they're not offended, but most seem grateful, if they notice.

A Home Checklist for Vacation
1/30/12 11:22 AM

I second the Briggs and Riley comment. I have the 18" Baseline carry-on. It's is perfect for a long weekend trip. The external handle makes a huge difference for packing. While it's not the lightest bag out there, as a not so tall person, it is still small enough for me to hurl up into the overhead compartment without taking out anyone below. It's been on many trips with me and is still in great condition.

Well Designed Travel: Top 5 Carry-On Suitcases
1/26/12 12:24 PM