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Favorite bedroom and kitchen- ever. Would have bought the house on the kitchen alone.

Emily and Kai's Thoughtful and Stunning Abode House Tour
4/26/14 09:05 AM

I knew I'd love this when I saw the queen. Coppy , you are the king! Absolute fav AT post ever, ever,ever!!!!! Let's be best friends!!

Coppy's Traditional Meets Modern Loft House Tour
4/22/14 08:47 PM

You know that "I should have " feeling you get? I get it every time I see that ship- I almost bought it wholesale about 8 years ago but even wholesale it was a big expense- every tome it pops up on a blog I yearn for it! Shouda woulda coulda!

Before & After: Funky Kitchen Gets a New, Fearless Design
4/8/14 11:48 AM

Maura this is so original and so creative and just wonderful. And I loved that your dad helped- L O V E !!!!!!!

Before & After: Maura's Smart Studio Sleeping Solution
3/23/14 03:49 PM

Hi Cooby- I LOVED your description " toffee and ice cream" ! And you're right about the internet and non design blogs -some of the comments are so strong they'd take the paint off my house !

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/4/14 05:44 PM

Hi Holly P- I read many comments on many blogs and I just don't see the snark factor that I see here . I sometimes think we all forget that these blogs are a free window into some amazing projects that can guide people as well as inspire. I 'm so amazed at AT 's great content every day - it's a tough job and they rock it .

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/4/14 04:40 PM

OOPs! Meant to write AT!

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/4/14 11:13 AM

Erin- I think it's charming with a little bit of a boho French feel. AP - poor you, this blog has some of the meanest comments I've seen and I follow quite a few design blogs. You must have skins of iron ! Love you guys!

Before & After: Erin's Inherited Dresser
3/4/14 11:10 AM

Since bad things always happen in the middle of the night I will always have a phone next to our bed but that doesn't mean it rules my life.

Tech Disconnect: I'm Banishing My Phone from My Bedside
2/21/14 05:02 PM

Take an avocado pit, wash and then peal the thin skin that covers it, slice a tiny bit off both ends and place the pointier end in dirt, water thoroughly and keep soil moist until you see a sprout . I have several that are 2 and 3 feet tall ! They are so fun to grow and they're free!!!! The secret to a successful plant is the pealing and slicing of the pit. My mom used to do the toothpick method and it never seemed to work, always just rotted . Great post on florals- Trader Joe's has the best deal if you're lucky to live near one ,12 tulips for $4.99!!!

5 Ways to Enjoy Flowers at Home for the Broke, Busy & Black Thumbed
2/20/14 06:07 PM

Le sigh.

How To Decorate Like a Parisian
2/18/14 01:35 PM

clever and fun. as usual .

How To Make a Matching Missing Handle Artsy Chicks Rule
2/18/14 10:35 AM

Dogs are my people and I'm a naturally clumsy person,( I've fallen off of flip flops ) so this isn't for me but I think they're dreamy.

10 Stylish (& Slightly Scary) Floating Staircases
3/1/13 02:58 PM

I agree! Have a pro do it and I'd pick a chocolate mohair. I did a trade with a client for a beautiful mohair couch and i've never looked back, it looks luxe and holds up like iron.

Classic or Bold Upholstery on Quality Vintage Settee? Good Questions
2/15/13 10:36 AM