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Me too! My shoes kept falling through. I definitely liked how it hung behind the door but it was maddening. I tried tying the middle to the door knob so it couldn't lift off the door as easily. Lots of potential but a fatal flaw!

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2/7/14 11:39 PM

The hanger solution. The idea sounded promising but its execution might not be that easy. I can't imagine keeping track of things by just which direction the hanger is facing. Some people may be able to do that, but it's too finicky for me and perhaps the 'organizational challenged person'. What about placing a movable divider in the closet - when you wear something, put it to one side. Keep moving things over as you wear them. Then after a season or whatever time frame you pick, look to see what hasn't been worn.

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1/2/14 04:17 PM