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well this post was hugely disturbing. silly me for thinking there would be some revolutionary tips, like; get a laundry basket for your bedroom, or put up hooks behind the door, or purge!
But vacuum your sheets? seriously that is a gross suggestion and a poor indication of your hygiene.. what is so difficult about washing your bedding weekly?

5 Steps to a Permanently Cleaner Bedroom
1/8/14 10:43 AM

So true. I had floor to ceiling open shelving in our first apartment and loved loved LOVED the convenience of seeing & using everything. Now i bend & squat endlessly to reach stuff in those awkward corner cupboards.
The next time we make them, we will put two sliding laminated glass/perspex doors to combat the dust issue. It was a small issue for me. small. now solved now.

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/26/13 03:35 AM

LoL!! They are SO heavy for their little compact selves!

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/26/13 03:29 AM

These are the most horrible responses I have ever seen on AP. Disappointing read all round. #just saying

When a Minimalist Meets a Pack Rat...
11/1/13 02:36 PM

is this totally missed? i have just seen it searching home business archives... :(

Online Class: Starting a Creative Business
7/30/13 10:03 AM

this is quite sad.. living in a locker?! I seriously dont see this as a solution to creating living space..

Could You Live in a 16 Square Foot Apartment?
5/6/13 08:21 AM

yay!!! STOKED!!! bring it on!! wish i were on the panel... heck, i wish i could enter... Can South African's enter??

Small Cool 2013: Here We Go!
5/2/13 08:35 AM

seriously, theres nothing wrong with that unit.. its a blessing... use it as a small "home office".. sort your books by color gradient, add some stationary..nothing too cluttering.. thats such a help! def a home office..even if you hardly use it. having the designated space will help you get organized.

How To Treat Awkward Living Room with Even More Awkward Built-in? Good Questions
4/19/13 12:39 PM

I feel sorry for my downstairs neighbor. My son LOVES to pop wheelies with his plastic bike on our wooden floors.. But we've managed to come around that. We hide the bike in the evenings, & he plays with it outside in the day. Other than that, we are a LIVING breathing HAPPY family.... so expect noise... we dance in our lounge, exercise there and watch movies on surround sound too.. not everyday, not all day, but some days & most wknds. And to my other neighbor who rev's his box bmw endlessly.... YOU GO BOY. If thats what gets you going for the day, il just accommodate it. lol (ps: this is in south africa)

Keeping Neighbors Happy: Tips for Minimizing Noise from Kids Renters Solutions
3/11/13 09:21 AM

my siblings live together, they're 2 yrs apart.. they've always been close and it works really well for them. me on the other hand... I'm much older, so nope, wouldn't work out. I'd be parenting and they'd be rebelling... DISASTER!
Im keen to see the interior style incorporating both siblings... thats what I thought id be seeing here... maybe later?

Real Life Renting: Living with Siblings
3/10/13 10:50 AM

nicely said Dan.

2012: The Year of the Home Office Best of 2012
2/25/13 09:47 AM

I'm with jcmom and slope girl - my son would be in serious danger if he stayed home while i worked. I can't even surf the net without him grabbing my arms for attention... its happening rite now as i type! so daycare it is... for both our well being.
ps. im in architecture.

Making it Work: Working From Home
With Kids

2/24/13 10:19 AM

Im super late, but super inspired.. please keep these posts up!! the flowers were really hard to buy in a tight budget, but i bit the bullet, bought them, and filled the vase with 'greenery' from the public park across the rd. Those flowers make me feel soo good! amazed by the lift its given :)

Day 3: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/31/13 06:26 AM

I had a good laugh. well done Melanie.

10 Things We Should Have Gotten Rid of a Long Time Ago
1/31/13 06:22 AM

PLEASE don't remove this January Cure... I joined a little too late, and REALLY don't want to miss all this inspiration!! The flowers in my house - what an amazing feeling! I move the vase to whichever room I'm working in!
this is one amazing community! LOVE apartment therapy!

Apartment Therapy's January Cure
1/31/13 05:12 AM