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I know exactly what you are talking about. I personally have had this problem for almost a decade, and I sometimes wonder if it is not some form of sleep disorder. I see many people suggesting obvious answers, like get more sleep, but that isnt really helpful.

I personally have tried just about everything. I moved the alarms further from my bed so I couldnt rrach over and snooze them, didnt matter. My freshman year of college I had the top bunk of a bunk bed, and could literally climb down off it, in my sllep, turn off the alarm, and get back in bed without waking up. I tried adiding more alarms, different alarms, louder alarms. I tried hiding te alarms in random places. At one point i had, LITERALLY, 8 different alarms stashed in 8 different places in my apartment. It worked for a while, but after a couple weeks I could turn them all off in my sleep and not remember doing it. At all. I bought a clocky, one of those alarm clocks on wheels that rolls off your nighstand and runs around the room after you snooze it once or twice. Nope. I could catch the damn thing, in my sleep, and not even recall doing it.

I should point out that I can also have full conversations in my sleep with people who are awake and not wake up. 2 different college roomates and one exboyfriend all report the same thing. They just randomly realize I'm asleep because I suddenly stop talking or start sounding bizarre. I also sleep walk on occasion. And apparently the aforementioned exboyfriend got smacked in the head repeatedly while I shouted gibberesh at him for about a minute and a half one night, after which I simply laid back down and went back to sleeping normally without missing a beat.

Ive slept through hotel fire alarms, and the fire alarm in a friends dorm that not only rang about as loud as a tornado, but also had a strobe light that flashed at like 300 watts accompanying it.

I dont always have a problem though, sometimes I wake right up.

It doesnt matter of Ive been asleep 10 minutes or 12 hours.

The only surefire way I have found to combat the problem is to have an actual person shake me awake.

Im debating buying an alarm for deaf people that actually shakes my bed, but the ones I know of are really expensive.

If anyone else has any ideas besides sleep more, I know Id love to hear them. Cause Ive tried that. It doesnt matter.

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