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Living alone is amazing, except when I'm really sick. When you have the chills and can barely get out of bed, it really sucks to have to get dressed and go out.

I also slipped at the top of my staircase (hardwood in socks) and went all the way down an entire flight of stairs. 14 steps and had to haul myself up like James Caan in 'Misery'. But that could happen even if I lived with someone.

5 Problems You Only Face While Living Alone (and How to Deal with Them)
7/15/14 04:42 PM

Saying please and thank you is one of the lessons you (hopefully) learn as a toddler. I am shocked at how many people skip thank you notes. The gift giver spent more time on your gift than the 2 minutes it will take you to write a note. On top of time, they spent money. They probably even wrote you a card! I hated writing thank you notes as a child, I now appreciate my parents for instilling good manners. Not saying thank you for a gift is the height of poor manners.

And oh yeah, any invitation including registry info or - god forbid - a request for cash in lieu of gifts is T*A*C*K*Y !!

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6/16/14 12:09 PM

I live in a 3rd floor attic apartment in an old Victorian, without air-conditioning, in Toronto where is gets VERY hot and humid during the summer. My thermostat often reads 100 degrees fahrenheit throughout July and August and this is when I resort to the black-out curtains on all windows and skylights, which I open at night; I think this tactic lowers the temperature significantly. Two great tips:

- take lukewarm showers to cool down (not cold showers)
- once your body gets overheated, it's hard to cool down without aircon. I've learned to do my gardening early in the day, so I can relax when it really heats up.

Tips for Living Without an Air Conditioner
4/29/14 04:15 PM

Putting feet on the coffee table is just poor manners - especially next to food (gross!) - but a light-hearted approach is best. How about pull up an ottoman and and tell your friend ''put your feet on THIS - it's so comfortable!''.

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3/31/14 04:49 PM

Another Canadian perspective: shoes off is not national policy by any means.
I would agree that it’s the norm in winter of course, to remove your dirty, salt covered, snow dripping boots. But when the weather’s nice, I haven’t noticed a difference in Toronto vs. visiting my friends in the US.

I follow what I observe to be the ‘house rules’, using a little common sense: Is the host in stocking feet? If yes, I’ll begin the motions of taking my shoes off - 90% of the time the host will object and if that’s the case, I’ll leave them on. If the host says nothing, I remove them.

I do keep woolly socks and slippers on hand for guests, in winter as this is what I wear at home. I want my guests to be comfortable too. The only person who has ever tried to trek up my stairs in snowy boots is my landlord!

In the summer I have a shoes-on (or more likely barefoot) house. I have hardwood floors and don’t worry about the area rug.

I would never think to give advance notice about removing shoes, and when visiting someone’s house for the first time, I assume I *may* have to remove my shoes and would therefore make sure my socks are cute. Or at least without holes.

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/14/14 12:51 PM