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Congrats Rachel!! Love the art, especially the nostalgia of the woman hanging sheets on the clothes line. I remember those days growing up and my grandmother doing that! Your home is beautiful!

Rachel's First Place (and It's Great!) House Call
7/28/14 09:54 PM

Put windows on security latch so that they only open so far, doors locked, outside porch lights on and security alarm set BEFORE we go to sleep at night! We take no chances. And I don't even live in a high crime area. But that statistic means nothing to me. Too many crazy folk out here. You just never know….But during the day, windows open, doors open, enjoying the breeze (unless I take a nap, then everything in the house gets shut down for safety.

Would You Sleep With The Doors Open?
6/27/14 08:25 PM

Another related regret is decorating your home or making improvements to your home based on the resale value. I know people who do this and it's such a shame. I decorate and improve my home based on the current occupant--ME! I can care less if the "future" buyer may not like my choice of countertops or my choice of flooring. I paid for the home and I have to be happy in it as long as I'm occupying it. If the "future" buyers don't approve of my decorating choices, I say they can change it themselves when they BUY it! All money isn't happy money and a few extra dollars in your pocket at sale because you swayed toward the majority in decorating while sacrificing personality and happiness while you lived in the home just isn't worth it. Life is short and tomorrow isn't promised. ENJOY your home NOW! :)

7 Home Regrets You Don't Want to Have in 10 Years
6/1/14 12:32 PM

Oh and I should mention that the replacement gutters will be rolled out in a continuous length so as to not see any seams as mentioned above by GingerR. And I was also told that they won't rust and won't need painting.

How Much Did it Cost to Replace or Install Your Rain Gutters & Downspouts?
5/26/14 09:19 PM

I recently (about 2wks ago) got a quote for $1425. The house is approximately 1076-sqft. The quote includes replacement aluminum gutters with 4 downspouts replacement and mesh gutter guards, on a one story ranch home in a working class blue collar suburb of Chicago. Personally, I think that's too much. Especially since I've given this same company the business of replacing both my residential roof and the roof on my rental property. My house isn't that big and I will talk with the company soon to see if I can get him to lower the price. I guess I can get other quotes too but after the excellent and professional job they did on my roofs , I trust their workmanship and really will like to collaborate with them on future projects. It's hard to find honest ppl who do great work so I want to stick with them. Therefore, I'll see if I can get a better deal out of them.

How Much Did it Cost to Replace or Install Your Rain Gutters & Downspouts?
5/26/14 09:15 PM

Oh yeah, and that was a complete tear off.

How Much Did it Cost to Replace Your Roof?
5/19/14 10:21 PM

$7000, for a small 1076-sqft ranch home-with attached garage, in a working class suburb of Chicago, just last month (April, 2014). Previous quote was $21,000 from another company and let's just say, he was swiftly thrown out my house, along with that ridiculous estimate. How can 1 company quote us $21,000 and another company quotes $7,000?!!! And they both used the same brand shingles!!! Love the roof, no leaks. Be careful with different estimates. There are some cheats and predators out here!

How Much Did it Cost to Replace Your Roof?
5/19/14 10:20 PM

Nice space! However, as a writer and professor, I question the appropriate use of word placement in the sentences…..I'm no writer or professor but something is off here when I'm reading this.

A Professor's Small Space in Brooklyn House Call
4/23/14 06:45 PM

Love love love the last photo of the family hugging! That's just too perfect! Yes, the house may seem a bit stark and cold but it obviously works for them. My goal is to achieve the satisfaction that they seem to have with their home and with their lives. So, kudos to them! And thanks for sharing!

The McDonalds' Serene, Minimalist Home House Tour
3/19/14 09:54 AM

I agree! I love how they've made the space reflect their personal needs. Looks like plenty natural light too! Love the natural wood throughout! I just couldn't get pass the possibility of having to witness the sight of kitty poop during dinner. Simply unappetizing and not at all cute. May I suggest moving the litter box to the bathroom? Again, beautiful home!

Katie & Toby's Artful Edgewater Apartment (8 Years Later...) House Tour
3/7/14 12:28 PM

I wonder how much they saved…...

Could You Go A Year Without Spending Money On Your Kids?
2/18/14 10:25 AM

Beautiful home!! Ok, so when can you move out and I move in?? Just kidding!! Again, lovely home!!

Jesse's Modern Bachelor Pad House Tour
1/19/14 07:42 PM

Beautiful and inspiring. But sorry, can't believe the "zero budget" statement. Still, looks wonderful for a small budget!

Tina and Matthew's Tiny Budget Tropical Beach House Makeover House Call
1/18/14 05:49 PM

The room is beautiful! The art work fits very well! And that rug is giving me LIFE!! Well done!……I like how they took their time selecting the items for the space. Maybe I will slow down and stop feeling as if my house has to "come together" within a few weeks. This will make for a more thought out, personalized space. Thanks for sharing!

Before & After: An Office/Guest Bedroom Gets a Dramatic Makeover Go Haus Go
1/16/14 10:04 AM

For directions #1, where's the pattern? Did I miss that??

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:

11/30/13 01:57 PM

Don't even think about messing around with the thermostat in Chicago! Trust me--you don't want to do that. Just prepare yourself for the upcoming winter months by saving a little extra money over the spring and summer months to be able to pay your winter heating bills. I've known people who tried to save a little money by not turning up the heat during Chicago's brutal winters and the pipes froze and burst, causing more money to be spent in repairs!! I'm not one who works hard all day to come home and suffer in the cold because I'm being cheap. Crank that heat up!!

Trying To Cut Down On Heating Costs?
Go Gradually

11/15/13 05:40 PM

What about guests that leave little visitors behind (i.e. roaches and bedbugs)?! I had a visit from my sister and thankfully it wasn't an overnight stay because she sat on my bed (just like we always do) and chit chatted away. When she stood to leave, a brown flat gross bug was exactly where she had been sitting. So happy my spread was white and bright, otherwise, I may have missed that little pest!! Later, she finally admitted that she had been battling them at her own house and was too ashamed to say. That bedbug fell off of her sweater! So people won't come out and tell you things they may feel is embarrassing for them. My advice? Ask! I've been afraid to allow visitors over since the exterminator came. Yes, I called for good measure!

The One Thing Your Holiday Houseguests Won't Tell You
11/12/13 09:36 AM

I call the house me and and husband share "Barbie and Ken's abode" because it's so small (1012sq.ft) that I consider it our doll house. We love it however!

Does Your Home Have A Name?
10/11/13 06:40 PM

Looks majestic!! Great job!!

Before & After: A Mudcloth Masterpiece
10/3/13 05:15 PM

Love lots of pillows. The kids love laying on pillows as they watch their favorite cartoons when winding down. Great job!!!

Before & After: Dull, Lifeless Space to Colorful Playroom
10/2/13 05:48 PM