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my cats are additionally comforting because they also ironically work as guard dogs. ...because i know they hide when a “stranger” comes over, when they are sprawled out, relaxed + purring, i know theres no stranger danger. especially when im in the shower + cant hear whats going on. seeing my phat kitten sprawled on the bathroom rug (after teaching me that doors are meant to stay open!), is comforting, i know all is well.
as an added treat, i know as soon as my freshly showered legs step onto the mat, she will be waiting to shed (*whoopsy, i mean rub lovingly) up against them. ;)
i <3 trail + booka! :)
still miss my 13yo timmy (best kitty ever!) i lost last year! :(

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the
Very Best

2/23/14 02:57 PM

cute itsy bitsy kitchen.
whats up with your hand towel?? is it a print out of a seismograph? a disconnected ekg? a polygraph?
its curiously + delightfully eclectic, i love it! :)

Jenna's Unique Attic Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/31/13 07:42 AM

honestly... the B E S T L O O K I N G home ive seen on at yet! so lovely, so classic!
love, love, love all the white done right!
but really, a chihuahua in a lavender bow tie, come on, thats absolutely ridiculously too much cuteness to handle!! ;) especially on a white sofa!
thanks for sharing, you have excellent taste!

Danielle's Charming, Classic Walk-Up House Tour
5/28/13 01:43 AM

absolutely beautiful!!
all white, wooden, sunlight bright, baskets... i think our rooms were separated at birth, except mine is the hold-on-to-everything, add books + a tv version. i even have the exact stackable baskets by the door (great for recycling, curious what yours holds).
plus, id trade my renter house ceiling fan light for your art one anyday!
gorgeous, thanks for sharing!
i add my voice to the “i love your room the best” + “can we pretty please have a house tour”! :)

Tiffany's Naturally Sunlit Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
4/4/13 04:05 PM

as a fellow austinite, i appreciate being able to peek inside of your east austin gem. i love all the wood floors + windows (especially the uncovered sky lights)!
in austin theres a saying: “keep austin weird” splattered everywhere, on bumper stickers, tshirts, etc. that speaks of our eclectic styles...
while i personally may prefer match-y-er curtains or love rugs, i get it that this couple chooses a big snuggly husky more so. 
i say pretty nice, homey job for a rent house of 1yr. 
so of the folks that dont appreciate this home, thats the beauty of *at*'s versatility, be nice + look again tomorrow, there will be a different offering. :)

Kate Payne's Warm East Austin Home House Tour
2/12/13 04:37 PM

awesome addition, i agree with previous post about builder grade foyers...
also, idk anything about construction, but i do know that computers need power to run, so im sure they thought about lighting when they added electrical outlets.
thanks for sharing your great idea, my baby is too big for a play room, but it would make a lovely reading nook. :)

Before & After: From Ceiling Space to Playing Space
1/28/13 03:11 PM