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The fabric wall-mount options are great. Forget the home office; My actual office is so drab. A splash of color is desperately needed. I may see about sneaking these past the facilities people and livening up the corporate environment. . .

Small Space Solution: Over-the-Door Home Office Organizers & Storage
1/25/13 07:54 PM

"Reward yourself with experiences instead of things." Speaking my language!

It's the Little Things:
5 Ways to Spend Less & Reduce Clutter

1/25/13 07:50 PM

Ha ha, I agree, athough it looks cool. I would love to do #9, personally.

9 Creative Ideas for Quick & Easy Gift Wrap
1/25/13 07:49 PM

I am more of a visual person (although I need a little less time in front of the TV, frankly), but I learn better by watching than by reading. This works better for me.

Also, I counted 6 crocheting classes and 14 jewelry classes . . . and each category (paper, yarn, whatever) seemed to have a dozen or more classes. So, I dunno, seems like a good deal to me.

Creativebug: An Online Learning Platform for Makers
1/25/13 07:47 PM

Putting a bed above the living space would take some getting used to . . .not sure how it works with, um, amorous endeavors either. But, I do like the use of space overall and how it would encourage the residents to get out more. We all need to get a little more fresh air, a little more interaction with the world around us . . .and less time on the couch in front of the TV.

Ten Tiny Houses
1/25/13 07:41 PM

One of the more interesting uses of space I've seen in awhile. I''m not sure its for me, but two thumbs up for the creativity and inspiration behind it.

Rustic Warmth and Color in Spain Elle Decor
1/25/13 07:38 PM