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hmm, I try to give experiences. beach, concert, garden tour, etc.

How To Be the Best Gift-Giver Ever
7/28/14 05:12 PM

for non greasy above the cabinet storage, a good diy is to mount a piece of wood to the ceiling joists, and hang matching cabinet doors so they swing up. relatively inexpensive [cheaper than upper cabinets anyway] and a great way to turn it into useable space.

other re-claimable kitchen space - removable [Velcro or magnet] toe kicks from kitchen cabinets. great for cookie sheets, trays, baking racks, etc. or you could use it for hiding things like sensitive files/jewelry.

we replaced a dining room bench seat with a blanket chest that holds all our spare linens.

above our bed is a very large tapestry I bought in Thailand. behind it, I hang the extra blankets. it has the added benefit of providing insulation, as our walls are plaster on masonry.

10 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Space
7/28/14 05:04 PM

#7 cannot be stressed enough. #4 isn't bad either. As a landlord, when I have good tenants, I raise rent about 2% a year. When I have someone I want out, I raise it to the highest market acceptable rate I can find a comp for.

8 Ways to Avoid A Rent Increase This Year
7/23/14 02:54 PM

textiles -

For the love of all that is holy, if a landlord does not reply to something it does not legally constitute tacit agreement. The legally binding agreement is your lease. Period.

Further, it is not illegal in DC to do first last and security deposit. However, it is illegal to charge more than a months rent as security deposit. Many landlords, myself included take last months rent up front for many reasons. The main reason is because many tenants assume their security deposit is the last months rent, causing no end of headaches - as these are often the people who leave behind furniture or other damage. Another is that it is a good indication of solvency. Anyone who would protest the action is not someone I want as a tenant.

Renters should keep in mind that Landlords have bills to pay, including maintenance and upgrades of the unit they rented. When there is damage, we experience lost rent as well as the cost of refurbishment. Lost rent is not generally something that can be re-captured by deduction from deposit.

Regarding damage, as a landlord, I take photos & video prior to move in so that I have a clear record of the condition of the property to indicate any changes at move out. I offer move in photos to tenants who ask for them, so that they have a record of how they found the place, so they can return it in the same good condition. I can also attach those photos, as well as photos of move out condition in any case where there are deductions from the deposit.

How To Definitely Get Your Deposit Back: 10 Things To Do Before You Move Out Renters Solutions
7/21/14 01:58 PM

My solution to the shelf over the stove issue was to add a piece of 18/10 steel to the bottom for heat shielding. relatively cheap and easy to do.

10 Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions for Renters
7/21/14 01:31 PM

Have you given any thought to removing the face of the soffit over the cabinets? purchasing extra doors and mounting them to the soffit framing would give you a lot of extra storage for very little added cost.

Before & After: A Dated Kitchen's Fresh Facelift on a Budget
7/21/14 01:23 PM

My solution was to lightly sand with fine grit [120] and wipe down with de-natured alcohol. then put in sun with baking soda. the smell came back, but not as pronounced. because the piece is a built in dresser in a rental [I'm the landlord - and this is another item that goes on my list of "what the hell do tenants do?" PITA items]

Cedar laminate cut to fit the bottom of the drawer was the final step. we'll see how long that lasts. this stuff is the shizz

What Is the Best Way to Remove Odors from a Dresser? Good Questions
7/21/14 01:19 PM

I get a kick out of the strong feelings people have. what we need is incredibly individualistic.

useless personal trivia point- I own approximately 8 saws. and need to replace my dead table saw. but I use them all. also, if you have a shop vac, put the hose in the exhaust side and you have a blower. which is excellent for getting saw dust out, if the vac cant get it all.

I purge often, and ruthlessly. a couple times a year I have my friends over for potluck and swap, with the extras going to charity. my general rule is that if it hasn't been used in a year, it goes. exceptions made for expensive, heirloom, etc.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/13/14 10:58 PM

if you decide to paint the fabric, you can get fabric medium to add so that the paint wont crack. also useful for washing, because if they get rained on mildew is likely

DIY These Easy Drop Cloth Outdoor Curtains For Under $50 Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorials
7/13/14 10:25 PM

I think the comments section has some wonderful stuff. two ideas i didn't see were:

reflective window film also does a good job. we just got some. a bit tricky to install if you've never done it before, but.... we got ours from

evaporative cloth. froggtoggs makes something called chilly cloth. love.

How to Stay Cool This Summer: 50+ Tips to Beat the Heat Without Blowing Your Budget
7/13/14 10:19 PM

mixing vinegar with baking soda is great for lifting out stains. though to be honest, these methods are all good for regular laundry, and not really tough stains. 4 washes with long soaks of several hours didn't get mildew out of boat canvas, but one cycle with bleach, as a last resort did the trick. first time I have used bleach in years though.

How To Whiten Laundry Without Chlorine Bleach

7/13/14 09:44 PM

Our windows are huge, over 7' tall. we've got crown moulding and 4" below the crown the window casing starts. hanging rods above the trim looks awful. plus, the plaster is directly on the exterior brick, so it is hard to install.

I installed a 'board valence' across the top 5" of the window, creating a pocket for two rods, one for sheers, and the other for black out drapes. looks great

Quick & Affordable Home Makeover Task: Adjust Your Curtain Rods
7/10/14 06:11 PM

I loved this apartment. so individual, so not cookie cutter, so very amazing. and some of her things, well, I wish you could search for past articles by things like 'temple doors' or 'orange walls' so you can find something when you are looking for it - especially to share.

Positive Ways To Deal with Other People’s Negative Opinions
(About Your Home)

7/10/14 05:18 PM

depending on how long you plan to be there, I wouldn't spend much money on rugs and curtains. Craigslist, etc. are your friend. playing off what you own already, pick up things in solids, which mix and match better than patterns.

I agree with the plants and mirrors comment as well

Ways to Personalize All-White Rental? Good Questions
5/26/14 09:53 AM

for the love of all that is holy, do not just install a chandelier, not without talking to your landlord. the ceiling mount box for chandeliers is a heavy duty job, installed under the ceiling, between two joists, screwed into both, and has a specific weight rating. your average ceiling box is affixed on a single joist, is made of plastic, and wont hold more than 10 lbs [sometimes less]. not to mention the issue of what kind of wattage the wiring will support - though if you go LED that may not be a real issue. talk to your landlord - we're not all evil. we will tell you what is and is not feasible. usually there is a very good reason that what is there, is there. a reason behind the walls you cant see.

I have had tenants, who are not supposed to wall mount things, try to wall mount things in the plaster walls. just because you hit something that feels relatively solid does not mean that you found a joist. sometimes it means you hit a radiator pipe [or other non pointy metal friendly house innards].

I actually put in the dual head, shower sprayer for all my tenants. I find that they're more likely to do a good job cleaning the bathroom [and not getting the grout mildew stained] if there is a long hose head for them to use. plus they get better pressure with less water, so it is cheaper for me in the long run.

thrifty tip - not all spray nozzles with crystallization need to be replaced. try soaking in vinegar overnight, and then give it a good scrub and see what happens.

don't get me started on wallpaper.

5 Easy, High-Impact Rental Decorating Ideas (That Can Move With You)
5/22/14 07:58 PM

I am trying to find a small outdoor chest freezer to put on our tiny back deck. then I will try to form a 'cowpool' with some friends, because prices at the farmers market are ruinous.

and couldn't resist... @ fakegreendress - but not a real green dress 'cause that's cruel - if I had a tree in a back yard, the freezer would go the tree house

One Smart Money Saving Tip: Divide & Conquer
5/20/14 10:14 PM

though not as cool looking you could do this with cut down foam board [cheap insulation board from home depot] and either Masonite, or to get some real speed, flashing.

having grown up in a ranch, stair surfing was the reason I envied friends in tall houses. it was de rigeur in the 70s

SlideRider Turns Stairs Into Indoor Slide Design News
5/20/14 10:12 PM

cant see the chair that is one of his favorites, or the glass doors. would love a full spread

Charlie's Former Factory Loft House Call
5/19/14 09:51 PM

I like the feel of the space. more wide angle photos please. it is hard to tell the 1200 foot layout from this. feels like a bunch of the place is missing from the layout. I am guessing, but am not certain, that the bed is in the space up the stairs over the kitchen. but I could be wrong, it could be the tv spot. or an office. but the vibe of your home is just lovely

Jose & Oliver's Lofty Living in London House Tour
5/19/14 09:35 PM

well done!

Before & After Room Transformation: Colleen & Pete's Attic to Bedroom Suite
5/19/14 09:23 PM