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:) I should probably just mention that my house does not always look like this BUT I do like to keep organized. We have two young children (1 and 2) and without organization it would be pure chaos. Art has to be hung a bit higher, books, media, and files have to be tucked away, and we dust and vacuum like crazy.

@Emily Sneds - Yes it is part of the sofa! It's actually a pull-out sofa and the sideboard folds outwards to extend the bed.

To see former transformations of our home: My flickr

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8/5/09 01:38 PM

Nice to see our milk (cartons) made the list! They've been using these retro designs for a couple years and I love them. What you don't see is that not all sides have the design but feature news, stories, and even tips (and diagrams!) on how to increase physical activity and do exercise at your desk! And if not impressed by the exterior - they also fold extremely well! Recycling commercials on tv use these as a perfect example of how we can fold/stuff about 8-10 of these cartons into 1 to reduce space when we do our recycling.

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11/11/08 11:35 PM

When I first saw something like this at Design Torget a couple of years ago I smiled but this thing... Ew. We have a fairly liberal society when it comes to sex in Norway but I don't think anyone would appreciate me taking this out at lunch.

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10/28/08 12:30 PM

A couple decades ago it was the trend here in Norway that children were also photographed on them. :) Today I can't think of anyone that doesn't own one. A cheap one (maybe 60 US dollars?) isn't as big as those, but they are the perfect size for placing in the crib or a baby wagon. I have one in my daughters crib and we also have a skinnpose (a skin bag) for the baby twin-wagon and I don't think they're too much of a hassle to clean. Unfortunately if you're worried about allergies (quite alot can get trapped in the fibers quickly) I might pass on this.

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10/28/08 12:20 PM