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Wow! Thumbs up for the letter! Mr. Schultz was actually from my hometown :D

Heather & Jeff's Art (and Dog) Friendly Modern Eclectic House Tour
10/8/13 01:49 PM

I felt home :D

Jackie's Southwestern Mid-Century Modern Mix House Tour
9/4/13 12:44 PM

I love every single corner of your house. This is exactly how I'd like my future house to look like. :D

Found Treasures in Teeny & Aaron's DC Apartment House Tour
7/17/13 01:49 PM

Loved it!!!

Joe's Victorian 'Owl House' House Tour
7/4/13 06:38 PM

WOW!!! your house is so much fun I wanna move in!!!

The Figgle Family's Cozy First Home House Tour
6/27/13 01:46 PM

Just check the down left corner.

Inbal & Harel's Home in the Hills House Tour
6/27/13 01:31 PM

Is there a ghost in the first picture? :O

Inbal & Harel's Home in the Hills House Tour
6/27/13 01:31 PM

No, they're not, and they will never. Those who use them only for decoration are certainly lame.

Are Books Obsolete? Thoughts on the Printed Word
6/19/13 01:10 PM

Where'd you get the KRAKEN pillow? :D

Ashley & Ryan's Happy History Small Cool Contest
5/30/13 10:18 AM

Oh my God! Juhanna just embeded all my childhood fantasies into a single apartment!

Juhana's Creative & Colorful Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 04:48 PM

can I move in?

Annah & Benny's Sophisticated Family Home House Tour
5/29/13 04:41 PM

Though I love the eclectic style, this wasn't really my favorite one. The wallpaper on the living/dining is visually stressing and gives a feeling that there are more things than there really are, or as if the room wasn't tidy.

I also agree with Jalapeno and Sherriatric, I think Jeff should've participated more in the decorating, if he wasn't on the pictures I would've thought there were only girls in the house.

Beth & Jeff's Whimsical Vintage-Inspired Home House Tour
5/29/13 12:51 PM


Kristopher's Totally Teeny-Tiny Small Cool Contest
5/28/13 04:52 PM

Here in Mexico we make fun about that 5 de Mayo thing being celebrated in all countries, except for Mexico haha. Also, the "Mexican style" can only be found in foreigners living in Mexico and Mexicans living abroad houses.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: Decor from Homes in Mexico
Inspiration Gallery

5/28/13 02:40 PM

Loved it - Simply masculine. The deck is awesome!

Theodore & Matthew's Gingham Cottage House Tour
5/28/13 02:05 PM

loved it! I really adore the way you integrated children elements into the house without making it look messy or style breaking :D the hen paintings were also gorgeous.

Marisa and Peter's Playfully Eclectic Home House Tour
5/21/13 12:28 PM

Please tell me it's a fake deer head :(


Kirsten's Bluebird of Happiness House House Tour
4/29/13 12:56 PM

made me feel like seeing my grandmother's house again :sniff:

Completely loved it! the native American items are awesome

the rhino under the drill was a little shocking though haha

Mary's Singular Live/Work Studio House Tour
4/15/13 12:29 PM

Thumbs up for the use of gold. Just the right amount in the right places.

Shayln's \"Paint it Gold\" Workspace Workspace Tour
4/12/13 12:16 PM

WOW! your house is so lovely! the colors and use of small spaces is awesome! loved the cacti!

Terri & Adam's Creatively Color-Coordinated Home House Tour
4/12/13 12:12 PM