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Great ideas. Especially love the one where they arrange the flowers inside the jar. Here are a few more including a sea shell vase and a Codd Soda Pop bottle.....

Bring in Spring: 10 Beautiful & Unusual Flower Arranging Ideas
3/25/14 03:44 PM

I'm one of those folks who has collected art work and frames from thrift stores or bought online but procrastinate on actually hanging them up. Now on a mission to hang them up. Here's a post from last year when we framed a painting that I created. Has a step by step guide on how to frame a stretched canvas painting.

Making Your Home Your Own: Prep Artwork for Framing & Display January Cure: Assignment # 6
1/9/14 12:50 PM

I'm a die hard YHL fan but need to point out that the stencil they used is usually $49. Having done 2 major stencil projects myself using stencils from the same company I know that their stencils are priced in that range. Plus you need to consider the cost of paint and sealer. So I doubt that is gonna be an under $25 project for anyone else.

Big Bangs for Few Bucks: DIY Projects for $25 and Under Best of 2013
12/27/13 05:29 PM

I got Florida. Used to live in Jersey and now VA but Florida? Maybe it's 'coz I like the tropics?

Quick Quiz: What's Your \"State\" of Mind?
10/23/13 01:44 PM

Love red. I just painted the console table in my breakfast nook red. Love it.

Really Red: Knoll, Joe Colombo & Blu Dot The Wednesday Scavenger
5/29/13 11:11 AM

Totally hear you. I do a similar series on my blog every month, Same Look 4 Less.

One Design, Two Budgets:
Chic, Comfortable Sitting Room

5/8/13 11:46 AM

So excited about the nomination. It's great to be included in the company of such awesome talents. You guys always have a great list. Have found so many of my daily reads from the past entries.
Could you please change the "What's Ur Home Story" to " Whats Ur Home Story"? Thanks again.

Vidya from Whats Ur Home Story

Best Home Project & DIY Blog The Homies 2013
2/4/13 11:47 AM

I mean "Laying the frames down on the floors

Art Tip: Hang a Gallery Art Wall on The Floor First
1/23/13 08:41 AM

Laying the floors down on the floors over extra large gift wrap (if needed taped together) and tracing the templates is the easiest way to go. Made my gallery wall one of the fastest art hanging projects in our home. You can see the steps in detail here.

Just did a similar gallery wall at a friends over the weekend and was done in 30 mins.

Art Tip: Hang a Gallery Art Wall on The Floor First
1/23/13 08:41 AM