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I would attach the two vertical struts of a typical flat screen wall mount to a couple hanging over-the-door type brackets. Maybe use a few of the removable 3M adhesives just to hold the rig in place and keep it from shifting when you move the door. That way the weight is distributed up to the top of the door and you're not putting any holes in the door itself. You'd still have to figure out what to do with the cords (maybe string them up to the ceiling and then over and down to your outlet, cable box, etc.

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1/21/14 11:43 AM

I second the Bo-Kaap Neighborhood in Cape Town, SA. Also Charles Village in Baltimore, USA.

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10/21/13 06:29 PM

Awesome, thanks a lot!

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8/16/13 01:10 PM

guess it's a "bulb forcing vase" for flower bulbs

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1/31/13 07:37 PM

Anyone know a source for the glass vase holding the avocado seed in the first picture?

Add a Little Green: Plants in the Bathroom
1/31/13 07:30 PM

Where's your floor lamp from?

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1/31/13 01:24 AM

Where is the calendar/clock near the window from?

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1/23/13 06:48 AM