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Here's my problem. I want to be thoughtful. I'm reading this to get more ideas (and love the BMW idea - and the hidden pins/wish list). But just commenting that I need to "be thoughtful" isn't really helpful. I'm trying! I just live with (and am related to) a bunch of pragmatic people with disposable income - to my ears, if they want something, they buy it. So the gifts of time are the ones we give. Flying home to see the parents/grandparents. Paying for them to come see us. Every time I'm home, my mom has a list of computer issues - and I fix them (no particular expertise, just more experience). But I still have trouble with major holidays. Flying to see them in July somehow doesn't count as a Christmas present....

How To Be the Best Gift-Giver Ever
7/29/14 03:17 PM

Love this!!

Before & After: A Breakfast Nook Gets a Bold Blue Look Under $600 Professional Project
7/27/14 10:26 PM

Our 8th home is on the market and my daughter is headed to college after attending 10 different schools. We move quite a bit! And I love it! And I hate it! Ours are usually job related cross country moves. I actually wish that our children had had a more stable childhood - but I'm thankful for two byproducts of our moves.

The first is that I've become a homemaker. I used to hate that word because I worked hard for my career and giving it up felt like defeat. And homemaker feels like a 50s word and I'm a woman of today. But I've finally realized that the term, "home maker" fits me perfectly - I've made several home for my family and that has given our kids their stable childhood.

The second is that our moves have given our children perspective. At the beginning of each move, our son asks if we're going to be rich or poor in the next place (now he's joking, but it was a real question when he was younger). Our financial situation hasn't changed much, but we are rich in some locations and poor in others. Our kids have learned that their financial standing doesn't define them. And it isn't just financial - we switch from minority status to majority status a bit, too - are we in the minority racially, religiously, etc? All of this perspective has taught them to be respectful of others and true to themselves. I love it!

4 Reasons Why Moving is Actually Pretty Awesome
7/27/14 12:11 PM

What's a breadbox? Just kidding.

Keep the Peace: 5 Tips for Making Design Decisions With Roommates
7/25/14 04:12 PM

Well, that was a great use of $100!! I, too, would love more photos. My broom and duster would make dirty marks on the wall, but if you don't have a broom closet this is a good choice.

Before & After: A Catch-All Laundry Room Gets Beautiful and Functional
7/25/14 11:55 AM

This post is a rerun. I don't mind - I liked this post the first time and I like it again today. But I wish AT would be transparent about it.

Spite Houses Are Exactly What They Sound Like
7/25/14 11:26 AM

Just forwarded this to my daughter, who will be a college freshman in a few weeks. Not really anything she can use in her small space, but cute ideas! And maybe justification for a Raskog purchase....

Shoes as Art: 10 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
7/24/14 09:38 PM

I have directed all of my retail subscriptions into a folder on my gmail. Before I go to a store, I check the folder for coupons, etc. - but otherwise I don't even the messages. I also love Pinterest. Pinning things oftentimes serves to calm the urge to buy - and if it doesn't, I know exactly where those items are.

How To Cut Down on Impulse Purchases, Save Money, and Buy Things You Really Like
7/22/14 06:43 PM

LOVE your shed!!

Before & After: Big Box Store No More
7/20/14 11:24 PM

Yes, I wondered about this, too. I don't think those balusters are original - they look too plain to be of the same era as the post and the trim. So it wouldn't bother me to replace them and make the new ones comply with code.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Building Back Up Renovation Diary
7/20/14 11:12 PM

Not a fan of the naked bulbs, either, especially expensive, pretty naked bulbs.

DIY Lighting Ideas: 10 Affordable DIY Projects for Expensive-Looking Modern Lights
7/14/14 04:29 PM

Um, where did the comments go? Only three are showing and two of them refer to other comments....

How to Stay Cool This Summer: 50+ Tips to Beat the Heat Without Blowing Your Budget
7/14/14 04:27 PM

Love it!! Did you remove a bed? It looks like there are two beds across from each other in the before and only one in the after....

Before & After: Rebecca's Awesome Affordable Airstream Makeover
7/14/14 03:59 PM

Ok, so let's move on from the top sheet (for the record, I live in Michigan and my duvet is folded up and on the floor for the summer - and is always that way when I live in Texas! - top sheet FTW - plus, my duvet or comforter is too big for my washer and requires a trip to the dry cleaners or washateria (sp) to clean).

So, now that we have discussed Jennifer's list, let's make our own suggestions. When I saw the title of the article, I thought the post would be about consumerism. Here's what I don't need: TVs in every room.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 01:50 PM

LOVE this Tour. I think it is the first Tour that I've finished - and then I went back through the photos again. Love your style. Love that you kept so much of the original details yet the house seems current - that's a tall order, and you succeeded beautifully! Maybe slightly too much gray for me, but I know that gray is trendy now - but your house doesn't look trendy (I mean that as a compliment). Very nice job!

Beth's New-Meets-Old Beach Cottage Inspired Bungalow House Tour
7/9/14 04:13 PM

I'm with mdorothy on NOT registering for a pots and pan set. I mostly use my enameled cast iron Dutch oven, a 10" non stick skillet, and a 3 quart pot. I also have a non stick skillet that is the size of one sandwich - and I use it quite a bit. Additionally, I have about 15 other pots and pans that I use annually.

Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing (When You Can)
7/9/14 02:35 PM

Thanks for the laugh!

The Picnic Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed Food News
7/7/14 02:53 PM

I've just reread Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home - it is a winner. Lots of the comments suggested that "Small Tricks, Big Difference for an Evolving Home" be a continuing feature on AT. Is this the start of a continuing feature? Love it!

Quick & Affordable Home Makeover Task: Adjust Your Curtain Rods
7/6/14 04:53 PM

Jill, I feel your pain. We've moved several times (enough that people always ask if we're military). I've given up my career to follow my husband. So I'm a stay at home mom, a homemaker. I used to bristle at the term, homemaker. But now I've embraced it - that is exactly what I am. When we move, I make our physical space into a home. And that's what you'll do, too. You'll make it a home. Love your family. Have fun. Make memories. Explore your new city and appreciate it. Be thankful that you'll have other families in the same boat near you. Meet them. In later years, visit them all over the world! Thank you and your husband for your service!

How Do I Leave My Heritage Home For a Cookie Cutter Duplex? Good Questions
7/4/14 09:17 PM

Yep, giant Jenga. We have one!

Make It: 5 DIY Lawn Games
7/4/14 08:56 PM