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I really like most of these ideas, The photo one is great, my daughter would love that idea.

10 DIY Ideas to Freshen Up Kids' Dressers
1/22/13 03:39 PM

I really love #1, 5 and 7.

Craft Room Ideas for Small Spaces
1/22/13 03:34 PM

teal is always a great color for vintage looking peices. or sea foam green. what colors do you have in the room you want to showcase this in? You can either go with the color scheme, or go with something totally different and bold.

How To Spruce Up Craigslist Vanity? Good Questions
1/22/13 03:32 PM

This is awesome. I want to do this in red and gray, OHIO! :D

State Love: A String Art DIY The Harpster Home
1/22/13 03:29 PM

Really love the new color. I would have gone bold with it like painting it Teal or Yellow.

Before & After: $60 Marble-Top Coffee Table Makeover Jess Lively
1/22/13 03:27 PM

Yes! this is what I do as well. It works and I am kind of shocked at the end of a 6 month period at what I really dont ever wear.

Decluttering Tips: Shedding Clothes from Your Closet
1/22/13 03:25 PM

I love the woven one. That would be really neat in different colors for different occasions. I also love the 1st one.

9 Creative Ideas for Quick & Easy Gift Wrap
1/22/13 03:22 PM