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definitely not spam! my oven is the same EXACT one you have., and i had no idea that i could flip it open like a car hood! wow, i am so scared to go and lift mine!!! but mine doesn't have a self cleaner and i will have to scrap it all off first....where did you get your stone from and what is the price range for something like that? i would love to use something chemical free because i always have my kids and dogs running back and forth in and out of the kitchen... thank you so much for posting it! have any more house keeper secrets you want to share? LOL!

A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide to Spring Cleaning
3/19/13 03:43 PM

i really liked this post. my landlord is iffy when it comes to changing anything. we had to put up a fight for him to replace the non working dishwasher. i was like, im not paying rent for a partially working kitchen, but any ways, now i have a black dishwasher, but a white fridge and white stove!

i decided to ignore that, and move around it. this post mentioned moving your appliances around, and after living in this apartmen for a little over 2 years i found the courage to try it! my kitchen was like 3ftx3ft with a small area for a 4 person table. so i decided to put my fridge where i would have put the table and a small old school entertainment cabinet next to it for extra storage and the microwave.

now my kitchen is so much more open and functional! i am slowly adding in accessories and color. but thank you so much for the inspiration! hope to find even more inspiration in your posts!!!

Ten Kitchen Improvements for Renters
1/21/13 09:57 PM