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In a small space, windows are everything.

For spaciousness, face furniture towards a window. Try an under-counter kitchen with windows spanned across the entire counter area.

400 Square-Foot Home by Reclaimed Space
10/3/13 09:32 AM

To dine or study, try a folding shelf.

Store items in pull-out baskets beneath furniture.

Family of Three, 380 Square Feet
Los Angeles Times

10/3/13 09:11 AM

In a small space, change old habits.

Store a wardrobe in pull-out baskets beneath a daybed or sofa bed. Iron as needed. Store a set of stackable pans, dishes and a utensil basket beneath a kitchen sink. Choose 24" kitchen appliances. Store towels and cosmetic baskets on narrow shelving over a toilet.

Eat with a plate in your lap. Convert all media to a handheld computer.

Find creative alternatives or learn to go without.

How to Live in 400 Square Feet?
From Re-nest: Our site that covers abundant design for green homes

10/3/13 08:51 AM

To save space and omit the kitchen shelf, add shelving in between the framework.

Place the kitchen towards the back of the building and face the furniture towards the window to enjoy the view.

Small Space Alert! 4 People and a Dog in 180 Square Feet
10/3/13 08:35 AM

To save space, store items in pull-out baskets beneath a daybed, dine or study at a folding shelf beneath a window sill and try a small gas heater.

The Hermit's Cabin: For Solitude and Silence
10/3/13 08:25 AM

Tiny houses are difficult to zone, insure and sell. Lofts are impractical for the elderly or aged.

As a minimalist, a daybed or sofa bed with under-bed storage works well. Small 24" kitchen appliances can be found at Compact Appliance online.

Students Living Small
The New York Times

10/3/13 08:16 AM

Many things seem recycled and easy to replicate without a large expense.

Green Style: A 100 Sq. Ft. Remodel with Salvaged Materials
10/3/13 07:53 AM