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Jacques Pepin gives a great tutorial for hard cooked eggs. He recommends poking the fat end of the egg with a pin to avoid cracking and to let the sulfur in the egg escape into the water so it doesn't react with the yolk and produce that green ring. (I love Jacques.) His method produces beautiful an delicious eggs every time.

How To Make Deviled Eggs Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/16/14 11:49 AM

We have a great, huge master bedroom and bathroom that were put in when the lower floor of our split-foyer house was finished. For these I am grateful because our house is a bit small. Because the lower floor is half below grade, the windows are at ground level. And the beam was enclosed of course as part of the ceiling, but it runs right through our bedroom, making a low space feel lower. And there's a shelf resulting from building a wall over the cinder block foundation and it cuts the room horizontally in two, making it feel even *shorter*! I love the space, but am always thinking of ways to "lift" everything.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/31/14 01:08 PM

I have put plastic liners in the washing machine before on a gentle cycle with detergent and they wash pretty well actually. Not the heavy, shiny kind, but the thinner ones.

Alternatives to Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners (and a Water-Repelling Tip)
2/12/14 01:42 PM

I think granite is king now precisely because it is mostly affordable, is hygienic, is low maintenance and offers a variety of looks. Who has time to oil counter tops or bleach grout or replace single cracked tile? We have an almost black granite with subtle grey and deep blue in it and it's super functional. Love it.

Tired of Granite? 8 Countertop Alternatives to Consider
2/12/14 01:22 PM

As a married-w-kids couple making our way to a master bathroom total reno, we will be getting *rid* of the massive, iron claw foot tub; we will be choosing a single floor type for the entire room with as little grout as possible; we will be using a frameless shower enclosure with no door; and we might have a non-upholstered chair in there for various grooming practices. I dunno that I spend more time in the bathroom, or why Today’s Modern Way of Living would necessitate that, but I do want a comfortable, practical, relaxing bathroom. If it were all of those things, I might start giving myself more mani-pedis or hair treatments or whatever, so the room might *make* me spend more time there. One thing I really dig about the frameless showers is running a counter through them into the shower like in the second photo.

The New Bathroom: 5 Top Trends
1/29/14 02:07 PM

Like another commenter, I have heard that being chronically cold will trigger the body to simply maintain more fat. And I also have to echo another commenter who wonders about the assumptions behind this post. Slightly silly, narrow-minded, misguided imho.

Does Turning Down the Heat Really Burn More Calories?
11/21/13 02:39 PM

I've never been a fan of pumpkin pie and have always preferred apple pie. One year I made an excellent ginger ice cream pie, but have never felt tied to pie as a staple dessert for Thanksgiving.

Real Life Holidays: Which Desserts Do You Like the Best at Thanksgiving Dinner?
11/14/13 12:04 PM

We have a landline because my husband is Australian and have found that making international calls isn't as reliable via cell phone. It's part of our TV and computer package. And imho, I much prefer to hold a cordless phone that my iPhone if I have a choice.

Should a Single Mother Of a 7-Year-Old Child Get Rid Of Her Land Line?
11/6/13 11:08 AM

There is so much information about making cold process soap online, that with enough reading, making a simple recipe is easy enough for most detail-oriented folks. I was intimidated by the lye as well, and broke into soap-making with glycerine, which is fun and easy, but I was really after the chemistry of cold process soap. There are several great calculators online to figure fats:lye:water and that's the hardest part. Honestly, you can get coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, lard, safflower oil at the grocery store and make an excellent soap. My first mold was a wine-bottle box lined with butcher paper, so you don't even have to buy fancy equipment. Although a dedicated immersion blender, pot, pyrex for the lye/water, are necessary.

DIY Natural Soap: Easier Than You Think
11/5/13 03:03 PM

Hmm, as much as I love science glass of all sorts, and I do have one of those sitting on a shelf, it's extremely thin glass and lightweight. I'm thinking after several rings, a bit more weight on one side and it's going over.

Organization Idea: Graduated Cylinder as Ring Storage
10/15/13 10:40 AM

Ah the perennial mother birthday cake dilemma. =)

Recipe: Olive Oil and Whiskey Carrot Cake Recipes from The Kitchn
10/3/13 11:41 AM

I know this gets said a lot here, but to really understand a Before and After, the photos have to be taken from the same position.

Before & After: An Open-Concept Dining Space Gets Defined
9/25/13 01:08 PM

Ahhhh. Yes, I see now MaryHS. What looks like the door frame in the first image made me think the door was on the same wall as the pictures, not that the wall turned and the closet was essentially at the end of the space under the stairs. Got it. Need a wider angle! =)

A Secret Kids Room Through the Closet
9/18/13 10:38 AM

Spectacular! Without seeing a floor plan or more of the entire space, I'm trying to work out if the snack door does feed into the secret room? It looks like it wouldn't, but then there's light behind it and of course it would make sense that it did. So much fun. =)

A Secret Kids Room Through the Closet
9/17/13 12:59 PM

I would give up my phone, internet and cable before I would give up the fortnightly cleaning ladies. It may come to that soon, but it will be a no-brainer.

\"Tidy Time\" vs. Tidy All The Time:
A Key Concept To A Cleaner Home

9/12/13 03:17 PM

I think at the website post, they said they installed a special fire log debugger/cleanser/hypoallergenicizer function in that little nook.

Before & After: A Funky Fireplace Gets a Facelift
9/12/13 11:21 AM

Coincidentally, I have just spent the last week looking around the web at rural mailboxes and posts and a number of gun mailboxes come up in a Google image search. My first thought was that it was so aggressive! I wonder how the mail carriers feel... My second thought was that it takes up a hell of a lot of room, and yes, my third thought was that I was glad I lived with an HOA. =)

A Giant Gun Mailbox: What Would You Do? Gothamist
9/12/13 11:16 AM

Man, that chair in the fourth image with the dog lamp is pretty cool.

Try This Technique!: Paint Decorative Elements the Same Color as Your Walls
9/5/13 11:52 AM

That's tough to tell a child who's afraid of the dark though.

A Soft Glow: White Nightlights for Kids
9/5/13 10:37 AM

I'm looking for an ~8x10 rug for our living room and FLOR tiles in the style I like cost as much as an overdyed carpet of the same size from a dealer on etsy---$700. Which isn't inexpensive based on your description, but for an 8x10 rug, it's not bad.

10 Under $300: Giant, Affordable Rugs to Cover Hideous Floors
9/4/13 11:09 AM