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I have to say that in the case of a particular "color expert" mentioned above, I feel like I'm stuck in an "Emperor Has No Clothes" fairy tale. Do people honestly think this person puts together good color combinations? Did anyone see her Christmas Decor? So I asked a friend, an expert who actually is a color consultant for a major Paint Company, if it's just me, or is something actually off here? This paint company consultant knows her stuff, creating stunning decors for people based on choosing a palette first. Simply put, she agreed with me. :( I don't mean to be mean, really, just seriously confused. Does it mean that anyone can put "true expert" behind their name and people will buy it?

The 8 Books Every Home Decorator Should Own
2/29/12 03:03 AM

So creative. One should enjoy living in one's home and I think this would be a most enjoyable space in which to spend time. Ideally, a home would also reflect those who live in it. This one clearly reflects an aesthetic of individuality which I find very appealing and extremely refreshing.

Greg & Deirdre's Guest House
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2/16/12 02:29 PM

As much as I like it, I do feel like something needs to happen with the built in shelves between the living space and kitchen. The balance between wood, paint and blackboard is not quite right, imo. And I'd add something, (maybe a sculpture?) to the wall between the door and the twin bed. But I'm sure the homeowner has lots of things he still wants to do and he's clearly talented and probably has many better ideas than mine. I still think he created something pretty special out of what could be a very ordinary space. I wish I could see the panels he built to screen the street but allow the light. While I probably won't ever have OSB in a home of my own, I'm not going to forget this house.

Alan's Colorful, Daring & Dramatic East Austin Home
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9/14/11 08:27 PM

This is a conditioned response. Everyone's used to drywall and the unusual wood effect makes people uncomfortable. If it were the other way around, if everyone had OSB in their homes, they'd think drywall looked too institutional. I reeaallly like it in this application. Went back through the photos imagining the house with standard walls and felt it would be a lot less interesting. So I say well done! The art is great and dog and his owner are adorable as well.

Alan's Colorful, Daring & Dramatic East Austin Home
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9/14/11 08:12 PM

I am so over the open kitchen-family room concept. The kitchen can get really noisy, really messy, and disruptive to any sort of serenity in the family living space. I'm currently looking for a home, and this time, I do NOT want an open kitchen, just good flow.

I also think losing the dining room is unfortunate. My family looks forward to special family occasions around the big dining table. And it doesn't have to be wasted space. A dining table makes a great work/sewing/craft space, a great library table, and the walls can hold lots of books. I would rather have a dining room that can be converted to some other use than forgo the space altogether.

I predict that once people have lived in an open kitchen concept for a while, especially with families, they'll be hankering for the days when kitchens with some separation made sense.

How We'll Live in 2020
9/2/11 11:22 AM

It's hard to get a sense of the floor plan or which floor a room is on, but the space with the stairs and angular wall is fabulous!

Cody & Kamie's North Beach Hideaway
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8/22/11 10:32 PM

There should be some kind of an award for this. :)

Liz's Decoration as Meditation
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7/14/11 08:29 PM

I echo everyone else's positive comments. Truly inspiring. And the photography was excellent as well. Terrific job all around!

Hallie & Mark's Hip Slice of History
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6/28/11 01:10 PM

Wow, what a creative person you are! Your home offers endless inspiration. Thank you for sharing it.

From Junk To Funk In Donna's Handmade Home
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5/11/11 04:07 AM

How can one not "learn" anything from this space? The ideas in the kitchen, for example, are suitable for any size space...i.e. super efficient. Plus, I didn't know that this site was "dedicated to small spaces". There is certainly an abundance of small spaces represented on AT, but I didn't know it was supposed to be limited to them. I would think that one can appreciate good design in all shapes and sizes. I don't live in a French chateau but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate one when I see it.

By the way, Chris, I am in love with your bathroom. I can be slightly claustrophobic in bathrooms. Wouldn't have that problem in yours. In fact, I could probably live in there.

Chris Savoy’s California Contemporary Home
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5/4/11 02:07 AM

Raw Denim is cool? Phfffft. Went to a picnic a long time ago wearing some fairly expensive, very dark blue denim shorts (my excuse is that I worked in the fashion industry). As the day wore on, my legs also became blue, which obviously was more embarrassing than wearing faded denim. Since that little "raw" denim fiasco, I've always washed my denim before wearing. I'm thinking the clothing industry is pulling a fast one on the public if they're marketing "raw denim" as some kind of high-end fabric. They save money by not having to make their material color-fast. Hmmm, looks like the Emperor may be finding himself in some new clothes yet again.

How to Freeze Your Jeans & "Clean" Them
Apartment Therapy Videos

4/5/11 11:01 PM

Genuis! I've been wanting some drum shades myself, but not at the kinds of prices that come with them. Thank You so much for sharing this extremely useful solution!

How To Turn a Tapered Lamp Shade into a Drum Shade
3/31/11 07:44 PM

Beautiful! The only thing I might add is a large framed piece of artwork or a mirror over the fabric at the entry to your apartment, to prevent the opening-the-door-into-a-wall effect. But it is lovely.

Benjamin's Modern Glam Bachelor Pad
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3/24/11 07:29 PM

while the effect is pretty in the first room, it's waaaaayyy too frenetic for me to consider a good sleeping environment. I want something relaxing and that spells anything but.

Surprisingly, I find myself liking the more feminine looks much more than I would have thought. And I actually like the very flowery pink and orange room, although for a teenager's room, where they do a lot more than sleep.

Happy Couples: Perfect Bed & Wallpaper Pairings
3/4/11 03:10 AM

I am now obsessed with Mary Brogger's steel curtains and steel chair sculptures.

John's Artful Wicker Park Duplex
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2/18/11 03:00 PM

...and when it's good it's very, very good.

John's Artful Wicker Park Duplex
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2/18/11 02:58 PM

Gee, I think you've done a fabulous job so far.

I really don't get many of the comments on AT; i.e. gushing over cluttered, cliche riddled spaces, then overly criticizing a space that is unique or (horror of horrors), upscale. I love the fact that you've designed a cohesive space reflective of your personality (and without a cliche in the place, as far as I can tell. :-)

Mike's Masculine Mischief in Toronto
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2/7/11 11:24 PM

Since when is well executed sculpture "tacky". And for people who've claimed to be offended by faux animal heads in the past, are they also offended by busts or figurative works? As a sculptor myself, I guess I should be ashamed of my work? Sheesh. To the homeowners, sorry for the rant. I think your home is sweet! I responded immediately to the sculptural aesthetic as well as individual pieces on dispay. I now understand your appreciation of sculpture in the context of your profession, furniture design, which, when done right, is functional sculpture. Really well done!

Tomas and Eric's Downtown Davinci Loft
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1/24/11 01:54 PM

Main bedroom is my fave. Would never have thought to put the bed in the corner like that. And it looks terrific! Thanks for expanding my design sensibilities.

Scott Leaves the Suburbs Behind
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1/14/11 10:42 PM

I also really appreciate your place. It's so calming which is what I'm looking for in a space. Despite what some AT readers espouse, people buy houses based on model homes because the decors make them feel good. Like clockwork, cluttered, disjointed apartments get praised to high heaven (while making me feel anxious) but a nicely designed place gets slammed. So weird. Larger homes also get slammed, like no inspiration can be taken from them. Honestly, you should be honored by the criticisms because it means you're living in a well designed, grown up space that you love and take care of. Well done.

Steve & Jeremy's Contemporary Comfy Chic
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1/4/11 10:12 PM