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You and you father-in-law did such a nice job on that. I bet he likes it as much as you do.

Before & After: A Simple Side Table Goes Gold & Bold!
7/28/14 12:33 AM

The appliqued wainscoting is so wonderful, it just makes a house feel right and it's good that you added it back in. Lots of hard work I know but worth it for you and the future owners.

Mike & Sandie's Foyer: Wainscoting Renovation Diary
7/23/14 11:25 PM

I like your results. It's good that you set a budget and worked your decisions around that. I tend to cough up a certain amount of money for the big changes and then suffer through the rest of the items over time. My projects take so long this way.

Before & After: A Dated Kitchen's Fresh Face-lift on a Budget
7/20/14 11:48 PM

Oh yes, very pretty. I like the grey, it's got some blue in it.

Before & After: A Dark Eat-in Kitchen Gets Brightened!
7/20/14 12:03 AM


Before & After: A Secondhand Stage Gets a Global-Inspired Update
6/26/14 12:17 AM

What a lovely way to bring your back yard into your life and get the benefit of out door time. Well done.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
6/24/14 05:57 PM

On my screen the wall color looks to be aubergine and that is pretty dramatic too! Well done, it's always good to gut the space to find what is back there, even a few inches is great in a tiny space.

Before & After: Powder Room Exceeds Its Potential
6/17/14 06:28 PM

It's lovely but the best thing about it is the quality of pieces that are displayed. They are beautiful.

Before & After: A Tag Sale Hutch Gets a Fresh New Look
6/9/14 09:26 PM

That is an excellent result and a great idea for our icky stairwell. Thanks!

Before & After: A DIY Project-Packed Split Entry Makeover
5/26/14 01:12 AM

I love the picture on top of the very pretty dresser, late 50's early 60's?

Before & After: Kim's Nursery Dresser
5/8/14 08:28 PM

Wow what a huge improvement! It must seem like every day is your birthday.

Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
5/1/14 12:07 AM

Well done. I've got an 11-year-old who would probably like a version of this idea.

Before & After: Chaos Cupboard to Boy Cave
4/24/14 12:29 AM

There is a beautiful "grain flower" in the middle that seems to show up on her blog a little better. Well done.

Before & After: Kristi Tries a New Technique: Cerusing
4/21/14 11:50 PM

Simple as the idea is, "paint it white," it made a tremendous difference and I have to agree with Michelle, the original pulls were slightly wrong somehow. Big improvement.

Before & After: Michelle's Lightened & Refreshed Nightstands
4/13/14 11:41 PM

Oh, the tiles are perfect. We were in the Yucatan last year and the tile floors have stuck with me. I've got two bathrooms to do . . . I just might go for it.

Before & After: Megan's Modern & Mexican Tile Small Bathroom Mix
4/13/14 12:36 AM

Way to go June/Dad duo. Excellent work!

Before & After: Small Dated Bathroom Becomes DIY Delight
4/7/14 11:43 PM

Very nicely done!

Before & After: A Plain Glass Patio Table Goes Bold!
4/6/14 12:25 AM

Wonderful execution!

Before & After: Alexa's Affordable Stenciled Vinyl Bathroom Floor Makeover
4/6/14 12:21 AM

Put a dog on it!

Before & After: Dana's Darling DIY Cottage Bathroom Update
3/31/14 11:12 PM

I like it - a lot!

Before & After: Sabrina's From Damaged to Daring Modern Desk Makeover
3/23/14 02:31 PM