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What a gorgeous place, it feels so warm and all that beautiful art is amazing.
Everything is so tidy that I was actually happy to see a pair of glasses on the toilet, that confirms you guys are human

Tommy & Todd's Bohemian Chic Collection
House Tour

7/31/14 03:10 PM

WOW! I hated the piece and thought that nothing could ever make that thing nice and it looks amazing.

Before & After: A Thrift Store Cabinet Goes Glam
7/29/14 05:05 PM

Dreamy place I love it.

Magali & Bart's Soulful Belgium Retreat An Apartment Therapy + Aphrochic Remix House Tour
7/24/14 05:45 PM

What a gorgeous place, the decor is perfect, a bit austere but it somehow suits the house. And yet so warm and welcoming. I loved it and loved the dogs too.

Jim & Laura's Light-Filled Providence Colonial House Tour
7/20/14 03:30 PM

This has to be the coolest tour ever, what an amazing beautiful home, bravo.

Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/14/14 11:06 PM

Peroxide and vinegar if mixed together produce noxious fumes that are very bad for lungs. So use one or the other.

How To Whiten Laundry Without Chlorine Bleach

7/13/14 03:45 PM

I got a pretty vintage pink hamper and I use it to put extra toilet paper, hair dryer etc.
A piano sink(mounted on the back to the wall with two front legs) is a great option to pedestal sinks, one can store a pretty basket underneath for storage.

How To Make the Most of a Bathroom with a Pedestal Sink Renters Solutions
7/11/14 07:29 PM

In love!!! A home that looks chic and well lived.The whole family is super cute .

Ali & Dustin's \"Beach House Getaway\" in Downtown Denver House Tour
7/2/14 05:29 PM

House tour PLEASE

Janine's Beautiful Baltimore Home House Call
7/2/14 05:10 PM

I totally agree with emmipea

Erin's Charming Former Sea Captain's Coastal Colonial Home House Call
6/29/14 04:50 PM

Where did you get the rabbit door stopper? It is fabulous!!!!!!

Tamasyn's Eclectic Mid-Century Flat House Tour
6/26/14 04:55 PM

A adore this place, so whimsical, beautiful and fun. And I like THOSE animal heads The real ones, yuck!

Tamasyn's Eclectic Mid-Century Flat House Tour
6/26/14 04:53 PM

Lovely and cozy home, it fells warm and serene.
But I have to say this, in FENG SHUI it is very important to keep your toilet seat down(also is a must if you have large doggies):

Kelly's Luminous Tree House House Tour
6/24/14 04:32 PM

So fun and happy, I loved this tour.Your grandmother mirror has me drooling.
And what great finds. I just wished there was a picture of the bathroom, in that gorgeous apartment I imagine it original and awesome.

Laurence & Fabrice's Friendly Eclectic Mix House Tour
6/18/14 04:27 PM

You have style and great taste. And I love Raincheck :)

Leslie and Jake's \"Street Cred Granny\" Style in LA House Tour
6/11/14 03:02 PM

WOW!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/4/14 03:30 PM

What a happy beautiful home. LOOOOVE the kitchen

Gigi's Candy-Colored London Cottage House Tour
5/29/14 06:02 PM

Beautiful place, I love all the details, the dinning room is stunning.
And the little dog is the cutest little guy ever :)

Ross's Greenwich Village Home House Tour
5/27/14 02:43 PM

Gorgeous place, I love the textures, the furniture everything. And those bathrooms. And it looks so comfortable. Love it

Hilary's Hilltop Home House Tour
5/26/14 03:03 PM

I adore this tour, it is gorgeous but I'm sorry too that we didn't get to see the bathroom.

Will & Rebekah's Traditional with a Twist in Paris House Tour
5/22/14 04:50 PM