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God bless the Internet! Found the article.
Somebody typed this in after she found the magazine at a garage sale. In a nutshell:
"The traditional maxim that a woman’s place is in the home, darning socks and raising children, is being increasingly recognized as a preference that permits individual variations in accordance with personalities and circumstances. And the ability of women to direct rugged political campaigns, administer vast executive departments, display brilliant legislative leadership and handle difficult foreign, military and domestic problems has shattered the old concepts of political inferiority and executive weakness. The possibilities of there being a woman in the White House should thus be considered neither unlikely nor disastrous. ...
Is there such a woman, or is there a chance that there ever will be? Of course there is -- and if the Democrats nominate her, she will receive my vote!"

Vintage Entertaining : Inspiration from the 1950s
11/21/11 02:38 PM

Part of me likes the optical illusion, part of me feels trapped in a Q*bert game.

Trend Watch: The Tumbling Block Pattern

8/29/11 12:50 PM

Another gift to consider is a book of nursery rhymes, children's poetry or other rhythmic stories. The sound of a parent's voice can be soothing to a newborn, and reading gives parents a way to feel close to their little ones in that challenging environment.

Helping From Afar with Preemie Triplets
Good Questions

3/15/11 11:58 AM

The wallpaper is Farrow & Ball's Ringwold papers.

Small Space Solutions from Country Home | Apartment Therapy New York
6/10/10 03:13 PM

Swiss Coffee from Benjamin Moore and Swiss Coffee by Behr are not the same color: the BM one is grayer, as I compare my paint swatches. (Unless, of course, you have them match the BM color at Home Depot. But matching is a pain if you need to go back later for another gallon.) The Behr Swiss Coffee is my default white trim color. It's a nice non-harsh white, it's premixed so you can grab it off the shelf, and it's $20 a gallon cheaper than Ben.

The Best Off-White Paint ColorTherapy | Apartment Therapy New York
1/13/10 03:03 PM

That wallpaper is a mural by Waverly called Light Foot. If you double-click on that page in Lonny, it takes you to the source.

I was thrilled to learn it wasn't some to-the-trade thing, but sadly the dimensions of the panels don't work for me.

Monogrammed Hand Towels | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/24/09 05:17 PM

That's the kitchen of Angus Wilkie and Len Morgan. A tour of their house was featured in Martha Stewart Living. I assume the chairs, which the text calls "bobbin-turned English Regency" came from their shop, Cove Landing, in NYC. And judging by the rest of the amazing antiques in their amazing house, I assume they are amazingly expensive. The house tour is on the MSL site,

Apartment Therapy New York | Resources for Wooden Bobbin Chairs? Good Questions
10/15/09 06:30 PM