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The first requirement to success with darker colors is lots of light. We were able to pull off a deep green in our bedroom, which has three windows (small north, small east, and large south). The second thing you need is courage. We chose Martha Stewart Blue Fir. Eeeeeveryone who saw it in test patches said it was "a lovely color, but too dark." Well now everyone thinks our bedroom looks amazing. :)

Good luck!!

Color Palette Inspiration: 7 Dark, Dramatic Wall Paint Colors that Look Great in Real Life
7/17/14 04:58 PM

Beautiful redo!! F&B Downpipe is the best, I love that color! Enjoy your gorgeous kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Garish To Gorgeous
7/1/14 07:29 PM

Everything is gorgeous! Lovely updates! I love that "silver sage" in the dining room. The girl's room is very nice, beautiful fabrics. Thank you for sharing!

A Stylish Home Makeover by Jessica Davis Professional Project
6/27/14 09:21 PM

I remember Michelle's Small Cool entry - it was my favorite! So glad to see a house tour!! ^_^ That Yucca Plant wall served as inspiration for my current living room. I ended up going with a little deeper shade (Arrowroot by Martha Stewart), but I still love the way Michelle's looks! Thanks so much for the full tour - such a great space!!

Michelle's Sweet and Eclectic Studio House Tour
6/22/14 12:37 PM

Great place! Love the bold color choices! What a great home you've made! And those kitties - perfection! Thank you for sharing!

Katie's Colorful Live/Work Space in Brooklyn House Tour
5/17/14 09:41 PM

Gorgeous! This is a REAL kitchen that is both functional and beautiful, unlike the careless hack job that was there before. You've invested in something totally worthwhile, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for sharing this reno!

Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
4/30/14 05:34 PM

Very cute! I have to say, though, that Mindy's income is CRAZY. I have a hard time believing a young, just starting OB makes 24k A MONTH.

Could TV Characters Really Afford Their Rents? Design News
4/17/14 05:31 PM

Wow, I had to skip most of the comments. People are so rude! Jennifer, do your thing with the means you have available. I can't wait to see the gorgeous results.

AT staff, can we cancel the budget breakdown of these Reno Diaries? They are supposed to be for education's sake (to compare to the real price at the end) but time and again, most of the comments are people gawking and judging.

The Budget for Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
4/11/14 04:30 PM

Gorgeous place! The space has great light and it's able to breathe because you haven't stuffed it with stuff! A happy pup really makes a place complete, doesn't it? :)

Tell me more about that couch! What is it and where can I get one?

Thank you so much for sharing!

Penelope & Zack's Minimal, Moody & Modern in Brooklyn House Call
3/23/14 04:20 PM

Huxley is on our list too! (Mostly for Thomas Henry Huxley, but Aldous Huxley is what everyone always guesses.)

Great room! Cozy and colorful!

Huxley's Warm, Thoughtful Space. My Room
3/22/14 08:14 PM

I'm surprised to hear people are not having baby showers. I kind of get it - I didn't want to have a bridal shower because I hate that kind of thing (people are already buying wedding gifts for crying out loud). But babies are expensive, especially if it's your first! Definitely not gonna turn down a baby shower!

Christine's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/17/14 09:08 PM

I love that dark grey trim, it's so different! Also, the fireplace is really interesting - some of the brick painted, some of it whitewashed. I'm heading to houzz to see the "before!"

Thank you for sharing this!

Phoebe's Philadelphia Eclectic Modern Mix Professional Project
3/15/14 06:25 PM

Definitely needs a house tour! Love the colors and that pug!

Did someone really complain about a house on apartment therapy? The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules...

Lindsay's Lovely Southern Vintage Home House Call
3/15/14 06:23 PM

This is really, really great! Thank you so much for sharing! You've described the exact situation most of us find ourselves in, and the "After" is inspirational! I am a big fan of that couch!

Before & After: A Year-Long Living Room Transformation
3/8/14 07:08 PM

Great re-do! I do not have painted dresser fatigue (but I do have Stripes/Chevron Fatigue, big time!) This cute blue dresser and the crazy-awesome red one from a recent home tour are amazing and inspirational. I've got one foot in the "Wood Is Best Natural" Camp, but soooo many pieces just aren't of that quality wood. It's fun to see what creative people will do with them. Thank you for sharing this!

AT, please don't stop with painted dressers. Honestly, I love any Before and Afters, and it's nice to see what people are doing out there and maybe be inspired. People who are sick of dressers can not click the link or do as I do when I see chevrons: click the tiny X at the top of the tab rather than the "Comment" button.

Before & After: This Dreary Dresser Gets a Big Change
3/7/14 05:27 PM

The real shame here is that white paint on the mantle! This article about stripping a mantle looked like a TON of work, but so worth it: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-strip-a-mantel-hearth-apartment-therapy-tutorials-185494

I'm with you on the tile... I feel the same way about original Craftsman fireplaces - I drool over that style but the green tile just doesn't do it for me. I think it's possible to maintain the period style and find tile you actually enjoy looking at. A small change like that doesn't disturb the period style (like the white paint), it just updates it to a little more modern look. Good luck!

Original Mantel Tile - Tacky or Classic? Good Questions
3/7/14 05:16 PM

Thank you for this! Great advice! Very practical and useful.

This reminds me of a "Good Question" on this site just about a week ago. She was basically like "How do I keep my house clean like the pictures on my Pinterest board?" Realistic expectations are Number 1 in all of this. Comparing your home to catalog pictures is like comparing yourself to photoshopped supermodels - it's the wrong mindset and there's no outcome except disappointment.

Pro Organizer Tips: What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home
3/1/14 11:16 AM

Very elegant! Love the layering and texture, the unique pieces, and all those built-ins! I think the original owner/builder would love what you've done with it. You've given the home so much attention and really imbued it with a personality.

What's wrong with the front door? I think it looks great. The black trim and shutters are perfect with the brick. Traditional Georgetown in a good way. The red door is a lovely color that's sophisticated and not TOO red. The transom, gold house numbers, and gas lamp just top it all off. And that little brick archway under the landing? Too cute! I love that detail.

Wonderful house! Thank you so much for sharing!

Maggie's Cutest House in Georgetown House Tour
3/1/14 11:07 AM

Great space! Number one, of course, is the pets!! I also love that red dresser in the bedroom and that amazing marble-top credenza! Can you take me thrifting? :)

Thanks for sharing!

Taryn & Sanford's Unflappable Abode House Tour
3/1/14 10:51 AM

Bennington Pottery from Bennington, VT! Gorgeous, durable, useful stuff! Dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe!


Made in America: Handmade Pottery Shopping Guide
2/28/14 06:43 PM