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Leave it and live with it until you can get a new window. It seems like an awful lot of effort to try and cover the problem. Don't paint the bricks. I would think doing that would cost just as much as having the window reinstated! Also, once you paint brick there is no going back.

What To Do with Unsightly Bricked-Over Window? Good Questions
9/17/13 07:50 AM


Ron van der Ende: Bas-Relief Reclaimed Wood Sculptures
3/22/11 09:59 AM


if you're in perth, western australia. there are plenty of colours out there- you just have to know where to get them!

How To Spray Paint Like a Pro
3/19/11 11:03 AM

yes- i have a security screen.

but... i did live in a house that did not. woke to loud, urgent banging at about 1am. i went to the door, and could here a very distressed voise begging for me to open the door. it was bizarre. i opened the door (all the while thinking i hope i don't get killed!) and it was our next door neighbour who was about 80. her husband had literally gone crazy, had threatended to kill her and was roaming our street with an axe looking for her. we let her in and called her son and the police who both came to sort the situation out. it was the strangest experience i've ever had and very surreal. i opened the door because we lived in a very safe neighbourhood. but before i did i thought about it for what felt like eternity.

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/19/11 10:54 AM

i have always had all white sheets, there is something so comforting about them.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | White on White Bedding
10/9/09 11:23 AM

we have a pet futon for our dog. it's like this, but without the stencil and it comes with the "stuffing"- a wool dog-sized futon. she loves it. and it's a great price. all machine washable.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Etsy Find: Bow Wow Beds
10/9/09 11:21 AM

my bedside table is currently surrounded by ugly dolls. i love seeing their little faces when i wake up.

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10/28/08 04:23 AM