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I am in Sherman Oaks too, and if she ever needs a location for BEFORE AND AFTER photos, I have all the cool stuff, just never really sure where to put it. I need her eyes!!!

Irene & Evan's Welcoming Whimsy House Tour
1/16/13 11:23 PM

I get lonely when I turn off tv and get off computer. Then when I start a project I feel overwhelmed and tired. I want to paint a small kitchen wall, but doing it alone feels overwhelming, and asking a friend to come "watch or help" me paint a wall isn't enticing. I keep media noise on to keep the noise going....hmmmm

Day 11: Try a Media Fast Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/16/13 11:09 PM

This is EXACTLY the look I am going for in my own home....but right now it looks like a cluster mess. I am just getting started on the apartment therapy for the new year. Yesterday I made a list of everything that needs to be done, and cleaned out the entryway. I am playing catch-up on the assignments because I just joined, so looking to see what 1-now assignments are. (email me assignment catch-ups? Amberdawnlee @ yahoo) I love the boldness in the place, and applaud these pics. I'll post my before and afters soon-x

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
1/15/13 03:03 PM

Doing things for others truly is a way to be happy.....and if you are living with someone else, this apartment therapy is something everyone in the home gets to enjoy!

4 Goals to Boost Happiness at Home
in the New Year

1/15/13 02:54 PM