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After looks great! I also clicked through to the upholstery tips on her blog ( and I love her pep talk at the end of it ;)

Before & After: These Grunge-Era Chairs Reach Their True Nirvana
6/20/14 11:52 AM

Possibly a Cardigan Corgi in first shot = instant upvote from me. Love all your art and plants too.

Lacey's Lovely Light Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 09:12 PM

Love it! I also have a blue CoCoCo chesterfield - mine is in their pavo teal velvet.

Jennifer's Sunny Skylights Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 12:06 PM

Love it! That brick wall and fireplace would've sold me on the space itself, and it's impeccably decorated.

w/r/t the nod to the airbnb listing, I'm surprised there are so many complaints in the comments - if AT's going to list where we can buy the same furnishings, not mentioning that we can rent the place for a few days would seem remiss, somehow. Why 'advertise' for Ikea and Anthropologie and not 'advertise' for someone who has curated an entire home and shared a tour of it?

Micah's Stellar Studio House Tour
5/21/14 07:33 AM

Definitely a high-impact look and I can appreciate the work that went into it -- not sure whether to laugh or cry that the Pythagorean theorem is now considered "crazy math skills," though.

Before & After: An Entryway That Goes From Beige to Wow With a 3D Pattern
4/19/14 03:30 PM

A few oops-es stand out:

1) My first attempt to miter cut a wood frame to put around one of those cheapie target wall mirrors. The gaps in that thing...

2) A headboard I was determined to stencil using a piece of 60s era quatrefoil wood. After painting the whole thing white, I clamped the stencil into place and painted the first section. The paint managed to run under the stencil so it was both runny, and stuck in places, which pulled the white paint off too. I would have had to have sanded the whole thing and started over, basically. I curbed it in shame.

3) Took the drawers out of a curbed dresser, loaded it up, got home and realized I forgot one, and had to drive back, lol.

Transporting things has been fun too -- I once used my body as a counterweight to hold an entry door in my husband's car back before I bought a SUV, and just this weekend a friend and I had to hold a canvas in place on the roof of her SUV when she bought it at a yard sale and it wouldn't fit... no ropes in the car, so we had to slow down every time there was a threat of it catching air. Even worse, it was really bad art she is planning to paint over so anyone who stopped to gawk at us probably thought we had bad taste :)

Reader Regrets: An IKEA Oops
4/7/14 11:55 AM

After reading this, I too had to go to Google to get the Swiss history lesson I was anticipating. I know this symbol occurs in many other cultures too, but hey, here's what I learned about its manifestation in Switzerland: it seems the "Swiss cross" is a stylized interpretation of the coat of arms of the Schwyz canton, one of the three original cantons in Switzerland, which was originally solid red until Charlemagne hooked them up with the cross. They standardized it in 1840 instead of using separate banners per canton.

(cues "The More You Know" music)

A Crash Course in the Swiss Cross Pattern You're Seeing Everywhere Right Now
3/3/14 05:56 PM

Great save! The scroll detail looks like it was deteriorating badly in the first picture so I'm guessing it had to be sanded off. The finished piece is fresh and fun - nice work!

Before & After: Liana's Cheery Dresser Update
3/2/14 10:11 AM

great home, great decor - and I absolutely adore your dog :)

Megan's Mid-C + Modern Mix in Denver House Tour
2/20/14 01:21 PM

Whoa. I'm amazed with the vision and skills required to make this transformation! Excellent work.

Before & After: Katherine's Spicy New Valentine
2/14/14 11:01 AM

Love it! Count me in as a new follower of your blog. I'm also in downtown Orlando (I have a 1924 craftsman) - super excited to see a fellow downtowner's home on AT. It's not all suburbia down here!

Katy's Charming, Quirky Home in the Sunshine State House Call
2/9/14 06:28 PM

"If life gives you lemons, cut the b****" made my day :) Love this home tour.

Thomas and Mitchell's Bougie Boho Style House Tour
1/27/14 01:13 PM

Haha, love the little whac-a-moose. Pinning for future reference!

DIY Project Idea: How to Make a Modern Pegboard Shelving System
1/23/14 12:31 PM

There are significant size differences at play here too, not just color and style. The first one has a 33" diameter, the last one only 19".

The color of the first one is my favorite, but I'd have to opt out and exercise the DIY option to get a yard of that velvet for about $40 and re-cover a medium sized thrifted one.

Splurge, Save, or Steal:
Navy Round Nailhead Ottomans

1/22/14 03:26 PM

Love it - and the pirate chest analogy :)

Before & After: Jacob's Malm Miracle
1/22/14 10:15 AM

Perfect! My husband is out of the country during that weekend, and I needed a little motivation to get a girls' get-together planned and not go full hermit.

Keep Yourself on Track: Get a
Get-Together Together
January Cure: Assignment # 8

1/13/14 09:16 AM

I like it! I've refinished and sold a few mcm pieces using this color scheme - veneered ones where the finish was too far gone to restore to original. The final product is a fresh-looking piece with really cool lines.

Before & After: Claire's Contrasting Credenza Makeover
1/11/14 11:04 AM

A couple months ago I was given a hand-me-down Shark steamer for wood floors - but no pads for it. Perhaps my Saturday Cure task will be to figure out what kind of pads it needs and give it a try.

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 02:01 PM

Love. This is one of those tours where I'm all like "COVET ALL THE THINGS" (hopefully the residents will appreciate my meme reference ;))

Mememolly & Mike's Flea Market-Style Funhouse in Brooklyn House Tour
1/3/14 01:37 PM

yes! thank you for bringing this back - the process was super useful last year!

It's Back! Join Us & Get Organized in 2014:
The January Cure

12/19/13 01:19 PM