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If possible, I'd move the bed since it covers half of a beautiful window-- your baby could see a tree if the headboard were gone! My suggestion for window treatments would be identical light colored roman blinds with blackout backsover every window-- to help your baby sleep. You don't need a curtain rod-- just attach them to the wall above the window. Another benefit of hanging romans outside the window frame is that you can extent them past the botton of the wondow frame-- it makes small windows seem larger when the shades are down.

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6/30/10 04:35 PM

That is hands down the cheapest, best-looking, most elegant solution to hide an intercom that I have ever seen. I've been thinking about how to hide mine for years, without hiring someone to build a hinged frame for it. grazie.

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6/30/10 04:18 PM

hot stainless steel and butter or oil or pam-- no need for non-stick. Really.

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12/21/08 08:56 PM

Funny, I jut happened to eat a bowl of kale soup myself. I add potatoes (for creaminess) and slices of fried chorizo (for taste) and smoked jalapeno (for heat). nothing finer on a cold night. But maybe too spicy for most 2 year olds...

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12/6/08 07:53 PM

Don't screw with the permanent fixtures (like tile) the plumbing or electric (or what you think are "non-loadbearing walls") without written permission. It is not enough to send a certified letter saying "If you don't reply by next Thursday, I take it as your consent." You're just a renter. Sorry. You have no right to make permanent changes. No court will care about your design sense if it results in destroying someone else's property.

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12/5/08 07:44 AM

3 fingers took about a week to paint my apartment and did a wonderful job. I wanted a perfectionist paintjob that would remedy the sins of drywallers past. I also wanted a painter who would protect my apartment and its belongings during the process, since everything was pretty much staying in the place during the job. 3 Fingers was the right choice.

Raechel, Sope and their crew are a pleasure to deal with, got along with my co-op, and do wonderful work. They also moved every item of movable furniture in my apartment, covered it carefully, and at the end of the odyssey put it all back in the right place. They pulled up all the exposed wire, painted under it, and put it back-- and all the hookups functioned!

The plastering and patching made the sheetrock look like plaster. 3 Fingers is on speed dial for the next time I paint a ceiling blue. They are reliable, responsible, dependable, and easy to deal with. Not cheap, but in this case you get what you pay for and I recommend them to all my friends.

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10/27/08 07:53 PM

black cherry jam.

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10/27/08 07:29 PM