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Thanks, Pi! My vice is books, too, augmented with paperweights. I'm thinking that some combo of spotlighting and uplighting might be an interesting way to highlight both glass collectibles, art AND books. Lots to consider, and these hacks are providing some great inspiration.

The IKEA VITTSJÖ: 5 Colorful Hacks
2/13/13 03:49 PM

How much weight can the glass shelves bear?

Can anyone point me to these with indirect shelf lighting? Or spot lighting?

The IKEA VITTSJÖ: 5 Colorful Hacks
2/13/13 02:54 PM

Emily's I Ride The Harlem Line blog has all sorts of wonderful historical memorabilia, stories and history about Grand Central and the 100th anniversary. Her blog is enchanting.

Celebrate Grand Central Like It's 1913 Design News 01.31.13
1/31/13 01:15 PM

Thanks, TinyHouseUK, for answering my question about not-quite-tiny houses!

My next question is whether anyone is designing them with ADA, universal access design in mind (hence my desire for Pullman bedroom features which allow one story access to beds and multi-function furniture). I think I would enjoy living in a converted rail car set up as a bed-sit and kitchen. It seems to me that they could inspire adaptations to prefab container design, as well, since the rail car dimensions aren't too far off from containers.

Ten Tiny Houses
1/25/13 08:26 AM

On a side note, is anyone designing spaces in between "tiny" and "standard"? I'd like to see 200-750 square foot houses with green footprints. And extra points if they use Pullman bedroom style interior design.

Ten Tiny Houses
1/24/13 01:30 PM