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i'll be working on my living room, which has been sort of a hodge podge of emptiness since i moved in. but i just had a new couch delivered this weekend in perfect time for start of the style cure. now to figure out what to do with the walls since i'm in an apartment and can't paint...

Day 3: Choose Your Room, Sit for 10 Minutes & Take Before Photos Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/5/13 11:18 AM

thank you for bringing that orange bench into my life. i love it!

Planning a Happy Modern 3-Season Porch
5/17/13 08:13 PM

these would be stunning in a small group, too.

Before & After: From Hanging Plant Basket to Easy Outdoor ChandelierClub Chica Circle
2/26/13 08:20 AM

that first one. i'm in love!

Add a Little Color: MCM Style Dressers
2/25/13 08:48 PM

that kitchen has a great layout. can't wait to see how it turns out.

Introducing Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Renovation Project Renovation Diary
2/25/13 03:17 PM

i am astounded! beautiful job!

Before & After: Joellyn's Grandma Kitsch to Modern Kitchen
2/5/13 11:08 AM

this. is. AWESOME.

Party Favor Punch Wall Celebrate the Big & Small
2/4/13 10:50 AM

@matt s, i recently saw paper straws at michaels, in the back section of the dollar aisle (not sure if all stores are set the same way), and i've also seen them at target in the past, though it was a seasonal item.

Liveblogging Day 22: Bar Cart Party Prep The January Cure
2/1/13 04:52 PM

hope you have fun!! i don't know what it is about bar carts, but everyone loves them. i recently had a party and temporarily repurposed a kitchen cart into a bar cart (liquors, mixers, shaker, drink stirrers, and glasses on top, ice in a bowl on the sliding wire drawer in the middle, and empties on the bottom tier), and every person who attended mentioned how much they loved it. one friend told me three times--and he just bought an actual bar for his place. who knew?

Liveblogging Day 22: Bar Cart Party Prep The January Cure
1/31/13 03:34 PM

is that a bowl of water sitting on your radiator? why is it there? my only guess is that it's supposed to act sort of like a humidifier.

Kate's January Cure: My Fourth Week January Cure Diaries
1/31/13 03:55 AM

love that mini gallery wall!

Liveblogging Day 21:
Organizing Smile Spots The January Cure

1/30/13 12:10 PM

@jodyjohnson: wouldn't the adhesive be on the wrong side to be to see the metallic finish through the glass?

Dramatic Makeover Material:
Metal Contact Paper

1/30/13 12:00 PM

hahaha, i believe the socks!

Elizabeth's January Cure: My Fourth Week January Cure Diaries
1/30/13 11:27 AM

yeah, the walnut bird is linked wrong for me too.

Modern Finds for Valentine's Day
1/28/13 09:28 PM

i love it! but boy, do i wish it was screenprinted rather than a digital print. while i appreciate the variablility provided by society6, this kind of color work really lends itself to screenprinting or other kind of ink/paint work where you can really see the layers.

Triangles by Magna On the Wall
1/25/13 04:58 PM

i love it! though i would probably trim the edges inside a little neater since the outline is still visible when light shines through the shade.

DIY Idea: Old Sweater into New Lampshade
1/25/13 03:40 PM

i laughed out loud at the wallet thing. welcome to old lady adulthood!

Rochelle's January Cure: My Third Week January Cure Diaries
1/25/13 10:37 AM

i'd also worry about lead-based paint on the panda (though i do love it).

Very Vintage Toys: Panda, Marbles & Toy Ambulance The Friday MORNING Scavenger
1/25/13 09:34 AM

i love everything, especially the orange in the bedroom (especially the ben franklin piece). and that radio redo is going to be amazing!

Langston's KidRobot-Inspired Home House Tour
1/25/13 08:22 AM

Kristy from Spain: I don't know how you feel about lugging around a large lamp after you move away from Spain, but if you do buy a lamp, it's a pretty simple fix for a lamp repair store to switch out the plug when you get back to the States.

Liveblogging Day 17:
I (Do Not) Love Lamp Liveblogging the January Cure

1/24/13 09:33 PM