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Does anybody have any ideas about toys that children have outgrown but would be suitable for a younger child.We have a 3 and 4 year old and are planning on another baby later. Do I keep the toys my children have outgrown or do I get rid of them and buy new ones if another baby comes?

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1/8/13 02:11 PM

Our home is quite small and storage is a problem. I am in the process of dividing the children's toys into different brightly coloured storage boxes which can be stacked and stored under a table or in a corner.Each box contains a category of toys: cars, farm toys, cooking toys,dolls stuff,etc. The children can then choose a container of toys and when they are finished the toys get packed away in the box. Books are still a huge headache as we are all avid readers and it is REALLY difficult to go through the books and give away one's the children seldom read but that is my next project

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1/8/13 02:03 PM