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All those goofy patterns clash like crazy and scream, "Desperate attempt to be considered hip." As for the patterned ceiling, that is simply an abomination.

Why It Works: 5 Rooms That Master Pattern-Mixing on a Huge Scale
2/20/14 12:37 PM

Wallpaper quickly becomes tiresome and is an absolute nightmare to successfully remove. If you're a tenant with dreams of adding wallpaper to your unit, please be aware it will probably lead to you getting booted out. If you're an owner and you're considering it, you are setting yourself up for a big case of, "I am a complete idiot."

Do This Don't: Wallpaper in the Kitchen
2/16/14 03:27 PM

Unlike 30 years ago when I bought my place, I now completely hate my vintage bathroom. I am sick sick SICK of a 94-year old pedestal tub that is so fricking high it's difficult to get in and out of - even if you don't have bad knees or hips. Jury-rigged showers and two shower curtains SUCK. I can't wait to ditch the damn thing (along with the rusted pedestal sink with separate hot/cold faucets as well as moldy plastic tiles on the walls) and put in a walk-in shower. The way I'm planning to deal with not having a tub is to also put in a regular tub faucet to use for filling buckets, kiddie/dog tubs, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes "vintage" is nothing more than functionally obsolete. The real challenge is to upgrade in such a way that you successfully combine exactly what you want with the character of the rest of the space.

Set Your Shower Free! Open Shower Renovation Inspiration
7/23/13 03:53 PM

This looks like a short-lived fad that will frustrate and completely bedevil the person who eventually has to remove it. If you're a renter, don't even think of going there or you WILL lose your security deposit.

Looking Up: Wallpaper on the Ceiling
5/20/13 02:48 PM