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Never! Having gone through some major life-changing stuff, I've learned over the years that a new favourite comes along all the time!! I often imagine what I'd miss if there was a fire in my place. Truth is - nothing! As long as I am healthy and alive, all is good!

Outbox Regrets: Have You Ever Gotten Rid of Something and then Regretted It?
9/13/13 08:31 PM

I know, this may sound terrible, but I always think to myself what would I miss the most if there was a fire and everything burned down. Seriously, over the years the number of possessions and things I would miss reduced to: 0. As long as I am fine (I live alone) and no one else got hurt, I am happy. I have thrown stuff out that I reminisced about later...the remorse is temporary and most things can be replaced. I have a funky, retro coffee table I got at a consignment store that for years I thought I would not miss...and it's in the Outbox now, on its way to a good home. :)

Good Questions: How to Deal with Purging Remorse?
1/6/13 10:40 AM